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July 9, 2014

Digital Promise

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Money is a means by which we exchange real value

Cattle was the value object for large transactions.

Salt was the value object for small transactions.


Salt was rare and valuable, soldiers were payed in salt, thus the term salary, for payment of services

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June 28, 2014

Free Your Mind

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We are coming to apoint where human beings are suddenly for whatever wierd magical reason are able to think about things that they were not ten or twenty years ago

We are locked to the way things are and cannot see the way things can be.

We have to hold the vision of the future to make it possible.

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June 23, 2014

David-Wynn Miller

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judge: a public officer appointed to decide cases in a law court.

  • Oral contracts cannot be seen or proven. Not true. We can record, display and replay.

Everyone is exactly where they are supposed to be.

Who controls the money, controls the world. Always follow the gold.


Grow your mind.

For perpetual motor, match the 44000hz electromagnetic pulse from the sun with your magnetic engine.

claim: 5 days in in a sweat tent cures 99% of all cancer?

no cancer can reproduce under fever.

While looking at referenced satellite images you might realize you are actually looking at the color white. Feels like the Truman Show, does it not?

What if your subconscious was trying to guide you, by communication to you by the way of unique opportunities, situations and images. By the means of free will you would be bound to recognize it and act upon it.



This guy does make some significant or outrageousclaims. He has good insights and ideas. Those claims need to be verified and they need to check out.  The currency of trust and credibility is hard to be earned. The internet has signs of discredit, including character assassination. The disinformation sites need automatic profiling to be  automatically discarded.

David is a CIA psyops operative? How would you know?

Why would a contract, a piece of paper with a signature or even an oath, a promise as concepts overrule the intent?

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June 21, 2014

A world without taxable income

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What if there were no taxes?


FATCA is a law aimed at identifying taxpayers controlling bank accounts and investments overseas who are not declaring any taxable income or chargeable gains.

In short, the good has always funded the evil.

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June 20, 2014

You can wonder on the inner net

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Humans cannot alter their DNA, in the main, and have only begun to think about this possibility.



… it is wondering that sets out the tough forms, the idea after a while it starts coming to you


… how long can you hold an idea?

images create ideas. it is up to you to take action, before you forget and cannot access the though much longer, at least directly.

can you build your idea?

… there is a part of you in every single one of you that knows months in advance whats coming. you will get premonitions, feelings. they are going to get stronger.

DNA contains something superior because it was created by a programmer not of this planet

… all of us have a different kind of genome inserted into our bodies


… remember that although the earth looks the same to us, time is actually running faster

… it is important to realize that genes have consciousness

… all of us carry genes that have initiative and resourcefulness


… through emotion you can figure things out

… your emotions connect you to your emotional body

… ever since I needed more knowledge it was like a hunger.

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June 18, 2014

Amazon EC2 lost

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Dear Customers,

On Tuesday the 17th of June 2014 we received a well orchestrated DDOS against our servers, this happens quite often and we normally overcome them in a way that is transparent to the Code Spaces community. On this occasion however the DDOS was just the start.

Code Spaces will not be able to opportate beyond this point, the cost of resolving this issue to date and the expected cost of refunding customers who have been left without the service they paid for will put Code Spaces in a irreversible position both financially and in terms of on going credibility.

As such we have no alternative but to cease trading and concentrate on supporting our effected customers in exporting any remaining data they have left with us and processing refunds.

… if your backups are sitting right next to your active files they aren’t backups. They’re just copies sitting there.

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June 13, 2014

When the NSA surveillance grid is turned over to AI, humanity is finished

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… The real data center is about a half mile into the point of the mountain. The tunnel going to it is miles long and deceptive, and even the workers there don’t really know exactly where it is because of the way the tunnel turns.

… The cars will be parked at the decoy building, and people either walk or shuttle into the real facility.

… Today’s computers, no matter how fast, still aren’t “smart.” They can’t learn. They can’t rewire their own brains in response to new inputs (like human brains can).


Today computers can REWRITE and REPURPOSE their programming on the fly. They can choose the DEVICE they are running on. They can LEARN.

Soon enough every connection needs encryption to prevent AI defrauding you.

What needs to happen is, people need to wake the fk up.

Everybody is a programmer. They program themselves, their sub concious and their lives.

People need to understand that it is also their responsiblity to learn how things work. And there is so much to learn while time is running out.

Most people cannot even motivate themselves to understand the complexity of the situation and the threat.

What they work on is not helping, but them selves. They get to buy a new car. They get to buy a new bigger TV instead.

All war games need a fictional enemy. What if the enemy is within? What if the enemy is within the chain of command? What if the enemy is the AI?

Do you have a friendly AI to match that?




  • Trojan Horse Everything

Due to cognitive dissonance, people blindly in slow motion accept a new reality in apathy  as in their eyes paranoid consipary theorists try to warn them of computer controlled cars and a world without privacy where everything you say or do is to be recorded, by your phone, personal computer, kitchen appliances or smart meters.

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June 12, 2014

None of us are as powerful as all of us

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… We are moving into a time of Unity Consciousness, connectedness.  It is a more mature way of thinking.

… we are about to awaken to the realization that we are all one with each other and one with God

… your heart and mind will work together more effectively

… Eventually, the human mind will become a superb tool that will lead to higher intellectual and spiritual functioning.

We create your technology.

We are everyone.

How can you know something, if you have not faced its opposite?

Have you ever known something to be true and right, with all your heart and soul, but been afraid to act on that knowledge?

  • Who are we?
  • Where did we come from?
  • Where are we going?

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If you watch tv your energy levels go down

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We create what we think about.

When you feel shivers on your spine, know it is a sign from your subconscious.

Asleep. Awake. Aware. Alive


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June 11, 2014

The Great Within

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 … I have learned that it is what you put in your mind mentally what you think and do, that makes your person. And you can put any mental object in this mind and it will bring it to reality. So this means we can program ourselves to be the people we want to be, Whatever the subject matter is, live in it by a mental physical program or system of learning and doing. Studying all the greats in that field and becoming greater.  – Michael Jackson

It is the conscious mind that does things, but it is the subconcious that supplies the power to do it, with which those things are done.

The proper conditions for recording an impression upon the subconcscious are deep feeling,strong desires,conscious interest and living faith.

Your mind will become more brilliant. Your thinking will have more lucidity and clearness.

Your life will be better.

You will feel from within how to act.

You will be given the power to do what you feel you should do.

Humans have noted, in mapping human genes, that a number of DNA links that are dormant. The number casually noted by humans in no way reflect the vast span of dormant portions in the human physiology. Think merely of the many human brains, in where there are frontal lobes where the conscious resides and a rear brain where the subconscious lies that in essence do not speak to each other or are reluctant to speak to each other. How would this evolve in normal evolution? This was forced upon humankind. There are many, many portions of the human body which are remnants or leftovers, unused. The appendix is one. Your DNA is rift with genes which if allowed to express would horrify and surprise humans.

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June 10, 2014


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Our sun is believed by science to have a solid core with outer edges that are gaseous.  But, in fact, it is a portal that redirects energy from the galactic center.  This is the location of the Grand Central Sun, our place of origin.  And, at this precise period in history, both our sun and our planet have moved into a perfect line with it.

This alignment occurs only once in every 26,000 years.

Soon, we will all be exposed to a type of radiation that Modern Science does not completely understand. We will feel its effects, both in our physical and emotional bodies. And we will see the Aurora Borealis in places, such as Arkansas and Texas in the US.

Our emotional body is linked magnetically to the Earth. So humanity is now learning how to dispel all beliefs and behaviors that don’t fit into the new paradigm. Zero Point is the breaking point beyond which the insanity of the old Time line will no longer be able to survive.

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June 9, 2014

Society Trap by Joe Rogan

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I know you have been there before and i have been there before. We understand that its a trap because we got out of it. But for the people that are in it  a lot of times they do not understand it they are in it.

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June 4, 2014

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

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To make sure you attain your goals, you must condition your nervous system to expect them.

The subconscious mind is the most volatile in the first 20 minutes of waking up in the morning.

It is very important to start your day with intent, instantly focusing on what you want.

Let your unconscious know exactly what it is, you want!

Take action! It is important to keep momentum. Make the call.

… realize when things go well it is sole because you put the image into the universal law (the spirit) and it responded.

… in daily life your feelings, thoughts and attitudes are your order form!

if you can feel it, granted
the circumstances that you desire so much, they will be there

as you begin resonate these feelings
as you begin to nurture this little flame of your own intention

but there is a time lag between you conceptualizing the feeling, your desire and when it is delivered

during that time you have to be patient,
you have to wait
knowing it will be there
ten years in the life of a human being seems long, but is not a long time

any kind of negative emotion destroys the plan

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May 31, 2014

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… a distributed system that can move seamlessly between servers, borrowing techniques from other industries where latency is key the way that mobile phones stay connected even when users move between cell towers.

…  “You don’t have to worry about scaling if someone tweets a link to your game and 30,000 people pile in,” says Narula.

Now, the difference is, the server will be your phone running on a 3G data connection.

… to allow for live development, so the system world is always on and developers can continually push content and improvements to it

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May 25, 2014

Enslaved by lack of knowledge

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Negligence. What if you are one who could see. What if you saw people running around, babbling about topics of no relevance, unaware of the late phase of psychological warfare we have entered.


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May 21, 2014

Look up

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May 17, 2014


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Wow. I do like their use of sound. I myself have used speaker sounds for debugging. :)

How do we visualize whole programs and in 3D, sound and color?

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May 2, 2014

Dan Page

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psychological warfare

  1. international event (event staged by NATO)
  2. a person demonized
  3. people arrested for domestic terrorism
  4. ancient hate


April 30, 2014

The resistance

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You want something more to life than to be born, grow up, make money, retire and die.


Are you living your life to your highest excitement?

What if you were to live in the future, present and past at the same time. What if your actions in the future had a direct effect on your actions in the past. What if things you knew to happen would happen. What if the things you know and are able to do now is because the lessons and training you take in the future? Did you do exactly the things you came here to do? Did it cost too much or was it worth the effort? Did you recognize all the opportunities laid out for you. Did you have enough courage to go for it?

What would you have done differently if today would have been the day you get to relive once again?

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April 19, 2014


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This memo describes how to use Adobe’s Secure Real-Time Media Flow
Protocol (RTMFP) to transport the video, audio, and data messages of
Adobe Flash platform communications. Aspects of this application
profile include cryptographic methods and data formats, flow metadata
formats, and protocol details for client-server and peer-to-peer

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April 16, 2014

Joseph Newman

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It’s not high watts, its high VOLTAGE. If you send current to the motor but no voltage it will not run.

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April 11, 2014

Computer Generated Persons

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replay attack. Disinformation campaing. News seeding. Predictive programming. Distraction. Shock attack. As the people are unaware of the sequence of any current events, by reposting news they are pressuring on the sense of urgency. What if I told you about the ability to intercept every phone call, every digital data transfer you and the ones close to you do. What if I told you about the ability to go back in time and rewrite news items to change your perception over a long time period. Ready to see history to be rewritten? Holonet. Honeypot.


Are you ready to chat with computer generated persons? Mr. Snowden? YouTube does host such channels. You are watching what skynet wants you to be watching. How is your mind firewall coming along? Most people are not ready to handle the upcoming psyop.

Do you trust your YouTube history?


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April 10, 2014

Bundy Ranch

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Where did the cattle go? The FEDs sold em! Either they are kick starting Agenda 21 or they want to mine or they want to do solar farming. Which is it?

Manufactured scandal? These agents, and their chain of command needs to be identified.

Time for militia to take command, disarm and deescalate, or atleast take the last stand?

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April 8, 2014


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QEGTallinn skype:?chat&blob=99y_1ADKxkQboo_xEIUHsz-TiRCaAr2y2PTFxiBDv1zLw_9EthDfYxzJjIILcL0X4EsWCk34tAHqd_mJ9EKOFfQEFN3GKV_y



[6:58:20 PM] Wilfried Renkel: I designed 3D CAD files in Step and Freecad:

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April 4, 2014

Create a change

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April 2, 2014

Nanex’s High Frequency Trading Model

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March 30, 2014

The Quantum Electric Generator system

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QEG is a Scam

QEGTallinn skype:?chat&blob=99y_1ADKxkQboo_xEIUHsz-TiRCaAr2y2PTFxiBDv1zLw_9EthDfYxzJjIILcL0X4EsWCk34tAHqd_mJ9EKOFfQEFN3GKV_y

[9:20:38 AM] ladydragon1313:

Remember that its is consiousness, and on this planet human consiousness, that creates every physical particle of Matter that we observe. From the smallest partical to the larges mass. All physical matter is created from the unqualified quantum field that permeates ALL space. There are many names given to this sea of un seen energy. but all these names are talking about the same field of unqualified energy.
Every time that scientist go looking for a new partical they eventually find it. Why because collectively they created it.

We are all energy, and our thoughts and intentions are energy that make things manifest into reality. The QEG resonates at a frequency in order to generate power. The process of building the QEG and accessing this non conventional power source is a combination of mechanics and consciousness. You can build it, and turn it on, but once you get to the tuning and the quantum part, you need to put your intentions and your consciousness into it. The QEG seems to have a consciousness of her own as the power comes from the energy around us. If you align your consciousness with her, then you will have a much better result.

To get to the right place, click on the ‘start a new chat’ icon (picture of a group of people). You then cut and paste the link posted above into the ‘send a message’ field of the new chat window. It will then show up on the chat screen as a clickable link. Click it and you will be brought to the QEG chat.


We are still in the process of building, but this is one of the most important parts of the QEG, generating Raw Power from the core. Starting from the beginning, Taiwan was able to replicate in 4 days what it took us 5 months to do.

Answer session in Skype with the QEG team, currently in

What would you do if you would not need to go to work?

expand your senses to enable you to receive information from the quantum field of consciousness

… with increased knowledge you will discover many applications for this technology.

The QEG is not a complicated device, as it is designed (like Tesla’s other ‘discoveries’), to work in harmony with
natural laws, rather than with the power-wasting symmetric motor and generator designs used in today’s
mainstream industry.

Conventional alternators (AC generators) consume more input power than the
output power they provide.

Once the machine builds up to the resonant frequency, it powers itself

While the electric companies have told the people theirs is the only way to get electricity, and we are dependent on them, the truth is that we have been deprived of this alternative (quantum) energy source for close to 130 years.




Money follows organization

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March 25, 2014

Drone targets identified

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Why do some officers think they have a right to shoot and there are no consequences on his life?

Seems COINTELPRO is doing a really good job at killing people, wearing the police markers, are not to be considered humans, are to be considered hostile combatants. SKYNET agrees.

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March 21, 2014


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By the dawn of this new millennium, the frequency of the Earth had risen to around 9 Hz.[i] As this frequency has been speeding up, so has our concept of Time.  The National Institute of Standards and Technology, which assists the entire world in maintaining a uniform system of Time, has been making unexpected adjustments to their atomic clocks to compensate for this sudden change in Time. But these clocks won’t work much longer because they will need too much adjustment for what is just ahead for planet Earth.

By the beginning of 2011, the Schumann Resonance had moved beyond 11 Hz

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March 18, 2014

Mochi Media will be shutting down all of our services

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2,146 days of service bites the dust

Attention developers,

We are sad to announce that effective March 31, 2014, Mochi Media will be shutting down all of our services. For the complete story, please read the post on our blog from our CEO, Josh Larson.

I don’t think it’s a good decision either, but ultimately it’s up to Shanda and they have decided to shut it down. Nobody at Mochi wanted this to happen and there were parties interested in acquiring Mochi from them (including myself) for more than they’d make by dissolving it. They’re simply not interested in making a rational decision here, and they certainly don’t care about you all like we do (past and present Mochi employees). We’ve been trying to prevent this from happening for quite some time, but we failed to change their plans -bob

To be clear, I’m not a staff member of Mochi (I left in Jan 2012), but I suppose I got to keep the staff icon since I’m a founder :) -bob, we are migrating our games there. But you will need a sponsorship code, you can use my sponsorship code if you want: 26153Z60570D24

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