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June 4, 2014

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

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To make sure you attain your goals, you must condition your nervous system to expect them.

The subconscious mind is the most volatile in the first 20 minutes of waking up in the morning.

It is very important to start your day with intent, instantly focusing on what you want.

Let your unconscious know exactly what it is, you want!

Take action! It is important to keep momentum. Make the call.

… realize when things go well it is sole because you put the image into the universal law (the spirit) and it responded.

… in daily life your feelings, thoughts and attitudes are your order form!

if you can feel it, granted
the circumstances that you desire so much, they will be there

as you begin resonate these feelings
as you begin to nurture this little flame of your own intention

but there is a time lag between you conceptualizing the feeling, your desire and when it is delivered

during that time you have to be patient,
you have to wait
knowing it will be there
ten years in the life of a human being seems long, but is not a long time

any kind of negative emotion destroys the plan

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May 31, 2014

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… a distributed system that can move seamlessly between servers, borrowing techniques from other industries where latency is key the way that mobile phones stay connected even when users move between cell towers.

…  “You don’t have to worry about scaling if someone tweets a link to your game and 30,000 people pile in,” says Narula.

Now, the difference is, the server will be your phone running on a 3G data connection.

… to allow for live development, so the system world is always on and developers can continually push content and improvements to it

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May 25, 2014

Enslaved by lack of knowledge

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Negligence. What if you are one who could see. What if you saw people running around, babbling about topics of no relevance, unaware of the late phase of psychological warfare we have entered.


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May 21, 2014

Look up

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May 17, 2014


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Wow. I do like their use of sound. I myself have used speaker sounds for debugging. :)

How do we visualize whole programs and in 3D, sound and color?

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May 2, 2014

Dan Page

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psychological warfare

  1. international event (event staged by NATO)
  2. a person demonized
  3. people arrested for domestic terrorism
  4. ancient hate


April 30, 2014

The resistance

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You want something more to life than to be born, grow up, make money, retire and die.


Are you living your life to your highest excitement?

What if you were to live in the future, present and past at the same time. What if your actions in the future had a direct effect on your actions in the past. What if things you knew to happen would happen. What if the things you know and are able to do now is because the lessons and training you take in the future? Did you do exactly the things you came here to do? Did it cost too much or was it worth the effort? Did you recognize all the opportunities laid out for you. Did you have enough courage to go for it?

What would you have done differently if today would have been the day you get to relive once again?

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April 19, 2014


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This memo describes how to use Adobe’s Secure Real-Time Media Flow
Protocol (RTMFP) to transport the video, audio, and data messages of
Adobe Flash platform communications. Aspects of this application
profile include cryptographic methods and data formats, flow metadata
formats, and protocol details for client-server and peer-to-peer

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April 16, 2014

Joseph Newman

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It’s not high watts, its high VOLTAGE. If you send current to the motor but no voltage it will not run.

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April 11, 2014

Computer Generated Persons

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replay attack. Disinformation campaing. News seeding. Predictive programming. Distraction. Shock attack. As the people are unaware of the sequence of any current events, by reposting news they are pressuring on the sense of urgency. What if I told you about the ability to intercept every phone call, every digital data transfer you and the ones close to you do. What if I told you about the ability to go back in time and rewrite news items to change your perception over a long time period. Ready to see history to be rewritten? Holonet. Honeypot.


Are you ready to chat with computer generated persons? Mr. Snowden? YouTube does host such channels. You are watching what skynet wants you to be watching. How is your mind firewall coming along? Most people are not ready to handle the upcoming psyop.

Do you trust your YouTube history?


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April 10, 2014

Bundy Ranch

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Where did the cattle go? The FEDs sold em! Either they are kick starting Agenda 21 or they want to mine or they want to do solar farming. Which is it?

Manufactured scandal? These agents, and their chain of command needs to be identified.

Time for militia to take command, disarm and deescalate, or atleast take the last stand?

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April 8, 2014


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QEGTallinn skype:?chat&blob=99y_1ADKxkQboo_xEIUHsz-TiRCaAr2y2PTFxiBDv1zLw_9EthDfYxzJjIILcL0X4EsWCk34tAHqd_mJ9EKOFfQEFN3GKV_y



[6:58:20 PM] Wilfried Renkel: I designed 3D CAD files in Step and Freecad:

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April 4, 2014

Create a change

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April 2, 2014

Nanex’s High Frequency Trading Model

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March 30, 2014

The Quantum Electric Generator system

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QEGTallinn skype:?chat&blob=99y_1ADKxkQboo_xEIUHsz-TiRCaAr2y2PTFxiBDv1zLw_9EthDfYxzJjIILcL0X4EsWCk34tAHqd_mJ9EKOFfQEFN3GKV_y

[9:20:38 AM] ladydragon1313:

Remember that its is consiousness, and on this planet human consiousness, that creates every physical particle of Matter that we observe. From the smallest partical to the larges mass. All physical matter is created from the unqualified quantum field that permeates ALL space. There are many names given to this sea of un seen energy. but all these names are talking about the same field of unqualified energy.
Every time that scientist go looking for a new partical they eventually find it. Why because collectively they created it.

We are all energy, and our thoughts and intentions are energy that make things manifest into reality. The QEG resonates at a frequency in order to generate power. The process of building the QEG and accessing this non conventional power source is a combination of mechanics and consciousness. You can build it, and turn it on, but once you get to the tuning and the quantum part, you need to put your intentions and your consciousness into it. The QEG seems to have a consciousness of her own as the power comes from the energy around us. If you align your consciousness with her, then you will have a much better result.

To get to the right place, click on the ‘start a new chat’ icon (picture of a group of people). You then cut and paste the link posted above into the ‘send a message’ field of the new chat window. It will then show up on the chat screen as a clickable link. Click it and you will be brought to the QEG chat.


We are still in the process of building, but this is one of the most important parts of the QEG, generating Raw Power from the core. Starting from the beginning, Taiwan was able to replicate in 4 days what it took us 5 months to do.

Answer session in Skype with the QEG team, currently in

What would you do if you would not need to go to work?

expand your senses to enable you to receive information from the quantum field of consciousness

… with increased knowledge you will discover many applications for this technology.

The QEG is not a complicated device, as it is designed (like Tesla’s other ‘discoveries’), to work in harmony with
natural laws, rather than with the power-wasting symmetric motor and generator designs used in today’s
mainstream industry.

Conventional alternators (AC generators) consume more input power than the
output power they provide.

Once the machine builds up to the resonant frequency, it powers itself

While the electric companies have told the people theirs is the only way to get electricity, and we are dependent on them, the truth is that we have been deprived of this alternative (quantum) energy source for close to 130 years.




Money follows organization

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March 25, 2014

Drone targets identified

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Why do some officers think they have a right to shoot and there are no consequences on his life?

Seems COINTELPRO is doing a really good job at killing people, wearing the police markers, are not to be considered humans, are to be considered hostile combatants. SKYNET agrees.

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March 21, 2014


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By the dawn of this new millennium, the frequency of the Earth had risen to around 9 Hz.[i] As this frequency has been speeding up, so has our concept of Time.  The National Institute of Standards and Technology, which assists the entire world in maintaining a uniform system of Time, has been making unexpected adjustments to their atomic clocks to compensate for this sudden change in Time. But these clocks won’t work much longer because they will need too much adjustment for what is just ahead for planet Earth.

By the beginning of 2011, the Schumann Resonance had moved beyond 11 Hz

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March 18, 2014

Mochi Media will be shutting down all of our services

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2,146 days of service bites the dust

Attention developers,

We are sad to announce that effective March 31, 2014, Mochi Media will be shutting down all of our services. For the complete story, please read the post on our blog from our CEO, Josh Larson.

I don’t think it’s a good decision either, but ultimately it’s up to Shanda and they have decided to shut it down. Nobody at Mochi wanted this to happen and there were parties interested in acquiring Mochi from them (including myself) for more than they’d make by dissolving it. They’re simply not interested in making a rational decision here, and they certainly don’t care about you all like we do (past and present Mochi employees). We’ve been trying to prevent this from happening for quite some time, but we failed to change their plans -bob

To be clear, I’m not a staff member of Mochi (I left in Jan 2012), but I suppose I got to keep the staff icon since I’m a founder :) -bob, we are migrating our games there. But you will need a sponsorship code, you can use my sponsorship code if you want: 26153Z60570D24

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March 17, 2014

implausible scenarios

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What if the asleep masses are seriously having their minds manipulated, and the government is just seeing how well their technology is working by continuing to put out increasingly implausible scenarios and seeing how well they are swallowed?

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… He seems to be able to control the amplitude of his chi like a dimmer switch.

… First you learn to distinguish between yin and yang chi in your body, then how to pool it in your naval chakra and then how to project it.

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March 9, 2014

Stefan Molyneux

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March 5, 2014


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… Simple law of probablility nails the intercepted jet as flight 370. Out of hundreds of thousands if not millions of flights annually, jumbo jets flying with their transponders off to avoid identification virtually never happens even once a year globally, let alone towards a nuclear summit where all the world’s leaders

In March of 2000 approximately 300 airplanes in the US were enrolled into a pilot program involving these remote operators. Interestingly enough, amongst the 300, 2 planes happened to be the ones that hit the WTC.

… There is a specific ‘squawk’ code that a pilot dials into a transponder to silently tell ATC facilities that the aircraft has been hijacked. Since that reportedly did not happen, if the airplane was hijacked then whoever or whatever hijacked it knew enough to turn off the transponder.

Could the airplane have been hijacked by a someone not on board, by electronics? Absolutely yes. Most Boeing 757, 767, 777, and 787 aircraft are wired to be controlled from the ground in the event of a hijacking.

The system is often called ‘Home Run’

Folks, I have been on missions with “people” that I have been ordered not to speak with. I have seen things that are not of this world! I have NO doubt that their are members of my squadron that are not American and possibly not human! People in AWACS are not laughing at this article, they are wondering who leaked our capabilities. Since this article broke, several Federal Agent types are being scene on base….coincidence?

… on 9/11 where AWACS planes were seen on video observing if not controlling the crashes

… there is extreme difficulty with spoofing more than one system simultaneously

Four days after a missing flight, a patent is approved by the Patent Office for maximizing dies on a wafer. 4 of the 5 Patent holders are Chinese employees of Freescale Semiconductor of Austin TX. Patent is divided up on 20% increments to 5 holders. Peidong Wang, Suzhou, China, (20%) Zhijun Chen, Suzhou, China, (20%) Zhihong Cheng, Suzhou, China, (20%) Li Ying, Suzhou, China, (20%) Freescale Semiconductor (20%) If a patent holder dies, then the remaining holders equally share the dividends of the deceased if not disputed in a will. If 4 of the 5 dies, then the remaining 1 Patent holder gets 100% of the wealth of the patent. That remaining live Patent holder is Freescale Semiconductor.

… The server did NOT go down. What they did was take the web site off the DNS server any time a request was made for a file that contained text.


 U.S. air force hijacked the Malaysian airlines flight.

… a “flight termination system” designed to allow operators to seize control of aircraft by remote control and fly them from the ground.

sound effects make visual effects more believeable.

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March 4, 2014

Without money all energy is free

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The frequency that boils water. How much water do you want to boil?

Temples are templates of giant energy circuts

The more you think about it the more you activate your own DNA.

Sound is free energy

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March 3, 2014

Revision 7001

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Today marks the day of the 7001th commit to the JSC ScriptCoreLib Framework. Exciting times! – Arvo


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February 21, 2014

Google Project Tango Dev Kit

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These devices were built with the unique ability to sense 3D motion and geometry.

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February 20, 2014

Proxy War in Kiev

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Disinformation, propaganda, manipulation and chaos at its finest.

  • Infiltrate peoples minds to turn on their goverment

I wonder, do the infiltrators think we will not know what they do? We do know. There is no place to run. There is no place to hide. Good luck explaining your actions to the sky net.

As a crowd control commander in Kiev, I would not count on the shields as the locals are no longer passive, are armed and dangerous. I would need to protect the unit. Given that the crowd also contains trained and payed enemy combatants, I would require to capture and detain all persons until identified and deemed fit for release after the situation is defused.


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February 16, 2014

Bob Proctor

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The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek – Joseph Campbell

mystic universe

“When you really want something to happen, the whole universe conspires
so that your wish comes true” – The Alchemist

* You also need to realize, it will materialize through other people. In a way you are making them to desire the same experience you yourself want. Be prepard to meet those people in the most unexpected situations!

… if you set a goal and if it doesnt scare you and excite you at the same time you know you are going the wrong direction

… what ever you visualize yourself doing, you can do.

From Clipboard


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February 14, 2014

Lloyd Pye

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How and why the Sumerians kept cosmic time in units of almost 26,000 years?

Dear Mr. Pye:
I agree with your conclusions [that humans are genetically engineered] and will give you a few hints, if you wish [speaking] as a “DNA Deep Throat.” First, look up the huge discontinuities between humans and the various apes for: (1) Whole mitochondrial DNA; (2) genes for the Rh Factor; (3) and human Y chromosomes, among others.

Regarding #3, I refer you to K.D. Smith’s 1987 study titled “Repeated DNA sequences of the human Y chromosome.” It says “Most human Y chromosome sequences thus far examined do not have homologues [same relative position or structure] on the Y chromosomes of other primates.” Human female X chromosomes do look somewhat apelike, but not the male’s Y.

This means that if humans are a crossbred species, the cross had to be between a female ape-like creature [i.e, “creature of Earth”] and a male being from elsewhere.


…  look up the gerson method and the cause of cancer being blood toxicity. Do a blood pH test it will most likely show acidic. Cancer is not a disease only a symptom. A german man got a Nobel prize for discovering the cause in 1931. Please eat more veggies, detox with bentonite clay, and balance blood pH with small amounts of baking soda.

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February 11, 2014

“suicide bombings”

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During the Iraq war, the American soldiers were pulling over drivers, impounding their cars, and when the cars were returned the drivers were instructed to go to the police station to pay the fine. During the time the Army had the cars, they would pack them full of expolsives and then detonate these explosives when the driver arrived at the police station. You may remember that during the Iraq war, there were tons of “suicide bombings” at police stations. THIS was the reason.

But it failed a couple times, and the Army got caught.

1. On May 13, 2005, a 64 year old Iraqi farmer, Haj Haidar Abu Sijjad, took his tomato load in his pickup truck from Hilla to Baghdad , accompanied by Ali, his 11 years old grandson. They were stopped at an American check point and were asked to dismount. An American soldier climbed on the back of the pickup truck, followed by another a few minutes later, and thoroughly inspected the tomato filled plastic containers for about 10 minutes. Haj Haidar and his grandson were then allowed to proceed to Baghdad .

A minute later, his grandson told him that he saw one of the American soldiers putting a grey melon size object in the back among the tomato containers. The Haj immediately slammed on the brakes and stopped the car at the side of the road, at a relatively far distance from the check point. He found a time bomb with the clock ticking tucked among his tomatoes. He immediately recognized it, as he was an ex-army soldier. Panicking, he grabbed his grandson and ran away from the car. Then, realizing that the car was his only means of work, he went back, took the bomb and carried it in fear. He threw it in a deep ditch by the side of the road that was dug by Iraqi soldiers in preparation for the war, two years ago.

Upon returning from Baghdad , he found out that the bomb had indeed exploded, killing three sheep and injuring their shepherd in his head. He thanked God for giving him the courage to go back and remove the bomb, and for the luck in that the American soldiers did not notice his sudden stop at a distance and his getting rid of the bomb.

“They intended it to explode in Baghdad and claim that it is the work of the ‘terrorists’, or ‘insurgents’ or who call themselves the ‘Resistance’.

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