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March 4, 2007

xml11: java to javascript

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Something worth to keep an eye on.

Have a look at the video of xml11 if you haven’t already. Also see the pdf.

There are only two things i can think of what makes jsc just a little bit better.

  • c# (MSIL) as the language
  • multiple targets, including javascrip, php, java

Just to make it known there is another project script# which is very much alike, except it seems to be reading source code directly, where my jsc reads MSIL.

I think everybody knows gwt.

In the future I like to see jsc to be able to provide LINQ support to actionscript and java ME applications.

There is a slim chance some big company will fill this niche, but until they wont, i will keep updating jsc. 🙂

Does anybody know any other projects alike jsc?


Back to the future: Dock Master

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So I was going through my old source code and found yet another jsc:javascript project. Years ago when I started programming I tried to make a game in visual basic 6. The mission was to take the cargo off the cargo ship with your crane. There is a slim chance that it has survived on a old 486 machine up in the attic. Anyhow, so in December 2005 the jsc compiler was in its early stages and the ScriptCoreLib is now twice as big as it was back then. One weekend it was really bad weather and me and my girlfriend sat down to make a cartoon-ish mockup of such a game. I was suprised that it did recompile with the current version of the jsc. I really think developing applications with the jsc will be fun for everybody:)

And yes all the graphics is really done by me with the adobe photoshop.
Give it a look what one could do with javascript.

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