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March 17, 2007

will LINQ 2.0 be the microsoft version of my jsc?

Filed under: c#, jsc — zproxy @ 9:05 am

That means a cross-platform runtime, right? Sort-of, but Meijer doesn’t envisage having to distribute a runtime engine such as .NET, the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) or Flash. Rather, he wants to use what is already available. Therefore he envisages .NET IL (intermediate language) binaries becoming a universally executable format. The runtime could be the CLR (Common Language Runtime), or the JVM, or the Flash player, or the browser. This would be transparent to the developer, because some intermediate piece would translate the .NET IL to JavaScript, or Java, or a Flash SWF. or somehing else.

See the article.

Now that we know that there is the Phoenix project one must be careful, otherwise the effort put into jsc will be flushed. See what happened to NDoc.

I guess one must wait and see 🙂


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