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May 31, 2007

Thoughts at the end of may

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While scanning the stats and looking at the incoming links i noticed this thread.


They are right. The compiler source isn’t open yet, but it will be within July as the beta stage will be cleared and version 1.0 is reached 🙂


In the light of current developments at microsoft including WPF, Silverlight and DLR it is not clear in which direction to push forward.

Features in July

There will be initial winforms support as said in the previous post. The idea would be that you can write one usercontrol that runs on a desktop and in the browser.

Have a look at the image below – a simple user control within a visual basic project. So it is coming soon!


I would really like to see it run on mono (there are still APIs missing in reflection namespace and yes i have reported them via moma) and also it would be really cool to see what other devs can do with this software. If you are out there give it a try, look at the examples and if you come up with something neat, I will put it on the frontpage 🙂


May 23, 2007

Example: Hot Polygon

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Yet another example is out of the door. Soon there will be a compiler and framework update, and initial windows forms support will be added. Thats right. You can then write a .net usercontrol that runs both on desktop and on html.

This new example demonstrates the use of custom cursors, map, area, timed animation, cookies and a custom dialog.

Hot Polygon

May 13, 2007

Example: Lights out 2

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Now with graphics! (By Chris)

Just so you know, the animated background works the best with IE7 instead of mozilla browsers 🙂

Lights Out 2( 20×15)

How would it look like in 3d? I can think of rotating 2d map but if things go 3d how would one navigate? 🙂

May 6, 2007

example: rollover

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Today i found out that you actually can generate style rules on the fly 🙂

To demostrate what can be done with dynamic styles and png 24’s i have made the following example:

The example works with latest netscape, opera, firefox and ie7. (ie6 will probably crash)


May 4, 2007

Image Zoomer

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I found this neat example on the web the other day. So I figured it cannot be that hard to do it with jsc:javascript. While doing that i managed to fix a bug in the ScriptCoreLib too!

My version lets you zoom with the wheel! 🙂


May 2, 2007

silverlight vs jsc:javascript

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Now that Microsoft has announced that they will provide CLR via browser plugin I need to rethink where my project is heading. The only use case i can think of is, where the silverlight plugin cannot be used but DHTML features are still needed. Basically it invalidates the goal of the project, as there now is a superior solution available.

That leaves only ajax frameworks in the competition – yay – but leaves out plugin based tech like silverlight and flash.

Anyhow I must say that the experience gained from writing such a tool that can regenerate code was quite enlightening. I now know a lot more how the MSIL works.

There will be a port soon on mono of the silverlight plugin. You can read about it here.

The next step might be to create some really cool client side gadgets, costum controls that do not require silverlight. Also maybe a google plugin would be great?

As a developer i can say for sure that a lot is going to change with all that new tech out there.

See also:

May 1, 2007

jsc:javascript may update

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  1. jsc compiler and the framework
  2. orcas web site template
  3. brief overview via screencast 

How complex can the code be to be translated? There are limitations but, consider the following code. This is all understood and translated to pure javascript.


And to get an idea of what the jsc:javascript framework consists of seethe image below:


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