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December 31, 2007

Javascript Tycoon 2007

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Well, it is the end of the year and I wanted to get as much done as possible with the javascript tycoon. I managed to add some road construction tools 🙂

Play it in your browser. Vote for it at tt forums. Look at the c# source code. Try jsc yourself.



December 27, 2007

try javascript tycoon within youOS

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You now can install javascript tycoon and javascript worm game inside youOS desktop.

View javascript tycoon directly. Vote for it.

View javascript tycoon as a youOS guest.

View javascript worm game as a youOS guest.

Ingame video:

My developer page is not up to date, but it should list all applications I have prepared for youOS. If you like those applications, rate the, this way my developer avatar gets a higher ranking on the scoreboard page.

If you just happen to want to play transport tycoon I would suggest you to visit .
If you’d like to create something similar then get jsc and start coding.

December 25, 2007

new example: isometric ThreeDStuff, javascript tycoon?

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This example demostrates how would an isometric javascript game look like in your browser. You can see landscape from Transport Tycoon and the characters are from Wolfenstein 3D and Doom.


The map is now a little bit larger, you can drag the map around. The dudes can now be selected and ordered to move.

Updated version. And the menu for developers like me. There is also a poll in the openttd forums.

Update: Mentioned by Ondra.

December 23, 2007

wiimote and multitouch

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Look at that cool tech 🙂

December 16, 2007

new example: worm game

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Designed to work with AmiNET110 on your TV.

Pause – P on keyboard or Pause on remote control

Change Zoom Level – Page Up or Down

Enter – To add new apples or respawn

Arrows – Change Direction

December 15, 2007

amino110 remote control example

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This example shows which button you are pressing on your Amino110 remote control.

jsc december 2007 released: anonymous types yet again supported :)

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I have released a new version for jsc. Get the download here. The support for anonymous types has been restored.


December 7, 2007

volta vs jsc

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Just found out that the volta project is now ready for the world to see.

First thought was, yay my jsc project is obselete, but when i looked at the code that volta had produced. It looks like volta uses javascript as msil – still bytecode but now as javascript. See the example project for volta here. A year ago i tried the very same.

Code from volta:

var oA = Assembly.References.cB();var kA = GetTypeDef(oA, "System.Int32");
var kB = GetInstanceDef(oA , "System.Nullable`1", [kA]);
var kC = GetTypeDef(Prelude, "Microsoft.LiveLabs.Volta.Prelude.RuntimeHelpers" );
var kD = GetTypeDef(Assembly, "WordWorm.MyPage");
var lA = GetTypeRef(Prelude, "Microsoft.LiveLabs.Volta .JavaScript.Object");
var lB = GetTypeRef(Prelude, "Microsoft.LiveLabs.Volta.Prelude.TypeDef");
var lC  = GetTypeRef(oA, "System.Object");
var lD = GetTypeRef(oA, "System.Int32");
var lE = GetTypeRef(oA, "System .Void");
var mA = GetMethodDef(kC, "Box", [lA, lB, lC]);
var mB = GetMethodDef(kB, ".ctor", [lD, lE]);
var  mC = GetMethodDef(kC, "Unbox", [lC, lC]);
var mD = GetMethodDef(kC, "OneLevelClone", [lC, lC]);

Code from jsc:

  // NatureBoy.js.Dude2.LookAtMouse
  type$QW1Ihd1VgDy4NHfHDq0FBw.kQAABt1VgDy4NHfHDq0FBw = function (b)
    var a = this, c, d;

    c = new pBcFaqMiojilwt8AVV9H1g();
    c.e = b;
    c.__4__this = a;
    c.h = new ctor$hgMABnJhNza2FzlBzkMp7g(a, 'ogAABt1VgDy4NHfHDq0FBw');
    UAAABnL6FTqbvTbIOm0H5w(c.e, c.h);
    d = new ctor$GQcABllDWDCrMGy9G7lP7Q(c, '_LookAtMouse_b__3');
    return d;

Now with projects like gwt, silverlight, xna, moonlight, flash, script#, operas 3d canvas and google gears it will be very interesting to see where it goes.

And yes, soon I will update the binaries for jsc. They are out of date at the moment and users should use svn.

December 2, 2007

javascript: zak

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There was a great adventure game released 20 years ago. It’s name is Zak. This example project demonstrates what would it look like to walk around in the bedroom of Zak as a soldier from Wolfenstein 3D. It has been also tested with Opera 8.5 within Amino110. This allows you to view it in your TV if you have such a setup at your end.

See also:

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