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January 4, 2009

Create a ringtone mmf for your mobile

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The other day I was bored and did some audio capturing with my Vista machine. For recording I did not use the built-in Sound Recorder. Neither did I use the good old sndrec32. Instead I gave a shot at Audacity. A day after I was so fond of that newly created sound that I decided to create a new ringtone and load it onto my mobile phone. The phone only supported MIDI or MMF. The online Media Convert service traded my mp3 to the needed format. As a last step I had to upload that ringtone to a web server just to download it via the phone.

Here are the steps:

  1. Record a sound with a microphone
  2. Save it as wav or mp3
  3. Upload it to media convert
  4. Download the mmf version from media convert
  5. Upload the mmf version to a web server
  6. Download that with your mobile phone

Update: Alternate service.


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