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February 16, 2009

Flash Lite Developer Challenge

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The Flash Lite Developer Challenge was launched on 16 February 2009 and is the leading competition for developers working with Flash Lite.

The competition challenges three groups of developers:

  1. those currently working with Flash Lite
  2. Flash developers interested in developing applications for mobile devices
  3. mobile application developers interested in using Flash Lite.

You must be authorized to represent a registered legal entity to participate in this Competition on behalf of the legal entity in question (the Participant). Individual persons are not eligible to participate in the Competition.

I found this by Digital Back Country blog.


A full-fledged version of the Adobe Flash player is coming soon to a whole slew of smartphones.


MochiAds does not currently support Flash Lite, no ETA on if/when we’ll release support for it. It’s unfortunately not the same as regular Flash.


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