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June 30, 2009

New ways to make money equals new stuff to design

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  1. Advertising model
  2. Sponsorship model
  3. Licensing model
  4. Portal model
  5. Premium model
  6. Subscription model
  7. Micropayment model
  8. Rental model
  9. Ransom model
  10. Patronage model

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    That is what will get me there

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    Yes another rep, another rep, because that will make my dream turn into a reality

    via MM

    June 29, 2009

    Avalon Tycoon Mansion

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    Yet another WPF powered flash game is ready for you to play. The game is written in C#. Let me know if you’d also want to see the source.

    AvalonTycoonMansion by dadeval.
    Update: There is now a forum thread at MochiAds and some good feedback by Newgrounds.
    Here are the Impressions the game has made. As you can see it had reached 30k players in its best days.
    See also:
    Transport Tycoon 3D Project
    Transport Tycoon 3D Project Trucks
    Airport simulator

    June 28, 2009

    updated example: ExposedFunctions

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    Today I have extended the ExposedFunctions example. In our scenario we have written a javascript library in c# with jsc and we would like to consume some of its exposed functionality. We are going to edit our html file with Visual Studio inside the WebApplication1 subproject.

    In the previous version the API consumer was only able to set text and index fields.


    This time around the consumer is able to optionally specify mouse handlers and invoke GetString function on demand in javascript.


    In this html file I have added two new buttons to consume the exposed API. The Example2 button will react on mouseover and mouseout events. Clicking on the data will invoke the onclick handler in which we will invoke the C# code to provide us some text to be displayed.


    June 21, 2009

    Flash Indie Developer

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    Manfred Weber hat ein Talk gegeben, wo er ganz kurz alles, was mit dem Flash Gamez zu tu tun hat, zusammen genommen hat.

    Nachdem Ihren Spiel fertig ist, passen sie auf für die rightige Reihenfolge:

    1. Mochiads
    2. Kongregate / Armorgames / Flash Gamez
    3. Premium Version auf eigener Webseite
    4. Lizenzen

    Die folgende Artikkeln von Florian Wein sind auch ein Muss für lesen. Ich finde sie ech gut und interessant.

    Flash Indie Developer Part 1: Skills und Fähigkeiten

    Skills-Mindmap Flash Independent DeveloperSkills-Mindmap Flash Independent Developer

    Flash Indie Developer Part 2: Anforderungen und Idealismus

    Mindmap - Anforderungen (Flash) Independent DeveloperMindmap – Anforderungen (Flash) Independent Developer

    Flash Indie Developer Part 3: Gefahren

    Gefahren-Mind Map (Flash) Interaction DeveloperGefahren-Mind Map (Flash) Interaction Developer

    Flash Indie Developer Part 4: Unser Produktportfolio im Überblick

    Mind-Map Verdienstmöglichkeiten Indie DeveloperMind-Map Verdienstmöglichkeiten Indie Developer

    Flash Indie Developer Part 5: Geld verdienen mit Flash Games

    Independent Game Developer Mind MapIndependent Game Developer Mind Map

    Flash Indie Developer Part 6: Kleines Taschengeld durch Online Werbung

    Mindmap - Online Werbung für Flash Independent DeveloperMindmap – Online Werbung für Flash Independent Developer

    Flash Indie Developer Part 7: Querfinanzierung durch Schulungen

    Mindmap SchulungenMindmap Schulungen

    Flash Indie Developer Part 8: Verkaufe deine digitalen Produkte

    Mindmap digitale ProdukteMindmap digitale Produkte
    Ist ja schön falls man auch deutsch mehr oder weniger kennt, ne? 🙂

    June 18, 2009

    new example: ExposedFunctions

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    I have prepared an example to demonstrate how to expose your C# coded function for scripting.


    Read the commented source code of that project for better understanding.

    The short anwser to the problem looks like this:

    31 [Script(NoDecoration = true)]

    32 public static void ExposedFunctions_AddData1(Data1 e)

    June 16, 2009

    Questions every team and dev lead should ask themselves

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    Whole team

    1. What can we automate?
    2. where are we “Reinventing the wheel”?
    3. what are the tools that slow us down?
    4. what tools can we use better?
    5. are there bugs that I could have found earlier? how do I make sure I find them earlier?
    6. when do we find out we built the right thing?
    7. when do we find out our code\design sucks? how can we make that earlier?
    8. How do we show progress at the team level? at the management level?
    9. How many meetings does each dev have every week? how can we remove them?
    10. Are we building by feature or by layer?
    11. can we make all our team sit in the same place?

    Team Lead

    1. daily: what bottlenecks exist in the team? what have I solved?
    2. will my devs be better in a month or two than they were before? if not, how do I make that happen?
    3. what prevents my devs from working? what am I doing about this?

    via RoyOsherove

    See also: The Human Infrastructure Game by Dan

    June 10, 2009

    The Cloud Effect

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    This example is a port of CloudEffect.

    Management Lessons

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    Consider the following aspects while at management just like they do at the US Navy.

    • Inspiration
    • Perspiration
    • Teamwork
    • Recruiting and training
    • Accountability and continuous improvement
    • Respect
    • Overcoming fear
    • Work/Life balance
    • Reverence and irreverence
    • One-hundred percent performance

    Honor. Courage. Commitment. Not bad principles for any company.

    June 9, 2009


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    Check out this cool java game 🙂

    minecraft by you.

    See also:

    “Word Play” Flash Game Contest

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    • 1st Place – $7,000
    • 2nd Place – $4,000
    • 3rd Place – $2,000 is even providing a word list to help you get started! The only rules for using this list is to mark on the Title Screen of your game that it is being powered by “”.

    BCL implemented by Java API vs Java API implemented by BCL

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    While developing for java with jsc you could run your application on .net for debugging if one of the following condition has been met:

    • BCL implemented by Java API
    • Java API implemented by BCL

    Even if I am talking about Java, this idea applies on other platforms jsc has support for including ActionScript, JavaScript and PHP.

    BCL implemented by Java API

    You application will not talk directly to the underling platform. Every feature must be implemented via a BCL class. This ensures your application will run on .net and after crosscompilation via jsc also on the target platform java. The downside is, your application will include the sourcecode BCL classes, which for embedded systems could be a problem. For Java Card 2.0 you must use only one namespace or package. To overcome that limitation the next option should be considered. On the other hand, your application could also be recompiled for another platform with no effort on your part, assuming the target has BCL classes ready for use. This is why currently you are able to write a .net application for Windows Presentation Foundation and have it compilable to javascript and actionscript.…


    BCL implemented by Java API

    Java API implemented by BCL

    Your application will directly talk to the underling platform. You need to manually reimplement the external API via available BCL classes. You might not be able to implement all features the platform has to offer, which in turn limits your debugging experience. This is considered a better option for embedded systems
    Java API implemented by BCL

    ScriptCoreLib and Java

    At this time my compiler does not support generics nor delegates for java, which it could in the future. Even though I was more biased toward actionscript and javascript lately java has gained some significant importance. Here is a list to name a few reasons I am investing into jsc java support:

    • Java applet applications inside a browser
    • Java console applications
    • Java plugins for external applications
    • Java for JavaCard
    • Java servlets at Google App Engine
    • Java for mobile devices, including j2me
    • Java for android

    If you are interested to learn more, let me know.

    June 7, 2009

    Stay hungry stay foolish

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    Life is too short not to do what you love to do…

    1. Steve Jobs dropped out of college only to drop in to interesting courses
    2. Steve Jobs got fired from Apple and found NeXT and Pixar
    3. Steve Jobs was diagnosed of cancer and was later cured

    Program started via system diagnostics process hangs

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    The other day I was reading the standard output of another process I had created. If the output happened to be somewhat longer then the application would hang. I found that really odd and started to blame the external application at first, but after consulting to google™ I was told what I was doing it wrong. The compiler could of had warned be about the issue but it didn’t and I was left with a hanging application, which sucked. In short you have to make sure your StandardError stream wont pile up its precious buffer of 4096 bytes.

    […] you have a more general problem, which is the possibility that the standard output
    will wind up blocked because you haven’t been reading from standard error.

    In most cases, this may not be a problem, assuming the output to
    standard error is brief. But it’s a basic issue with redirection of the
    Process class standard i/o streams: if you redirect more than one, you
    need to make sure you are using some form of asynchronous access to send
    or receive data from all of them as appropriate. Otherwise, the console
    application winds up blocked trying to read or write to one of the
    streams, causing a form of deadlock.

    The documentation for the Process class has a good, detailed explanation
    of this. It’s helpful to read that if you intend to redirect the streams.


    Learn something new each day… I guess one day google will be able to have a look at your problem and simply suggest the fix, but until then that remains as a manual feature.

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