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July 31, 2009

Human Computation

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Here is a talk about crowdsourcing from 2006 which should be adapted to online flash games. Think of how many plays you guys have and what you actually could do with that much attention. 🙂

Gems I’ve picked from this video:

  • A single person can play with prerecorded actions as their partners – the ghost mode. Both actions and timing needs to be recorded.
  • A zero player game means prerecorded players play with each others – think bot arena.
  • Games with purpose
    • Locating objects in image – locate and name the object (peekaboom)
    • Common sense fact – this is what allows humans to act intelligently (Verbosity)

Maybe I should do an ESP game – meet your soul mate? Did you know that an ESP game will give you a sense of achievement?

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