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October 1, 2009

jsc is awesome

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Now that I got your attention:

There is a new release for jsc with two new screencasts. This time around you are able to omit [Script] attribute and ditch the tools/build.bat. The jsc solution now includes  the jsc.meta compiler which will talk to the other compilers for you.

I am also experimenting with pre compilers. For example the Forms example makes use of TextualUserControl and TextComponent. Without getting too technical they generate a new assembly and add the reference to your csproj file. This opens up some really interesting possibilities. I will talk more about this in future posts.

Future pre compilers in jsc solution could include automatic stub generators for java jar files and for flash swf and swc files.

Open javascript version.

Open actionscript version.

Open javascript version.

Open java version:


PS. Video parameters “&w=800&fmt=18”


Grand Theft Browser – GTA – Poisonville

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Today I found out that there is a GTA clone in the works. For the browser. This will be huge. Think of how much money they (Bigpoint) will make :)!

[…] The full version of Poisonville is announced for the end of the year. A playable preview will be available to the public in October.

Via JMonekyEngine

From the article I can extract they will use [People will pay to save time] freemium concept.

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