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November 12, 2009


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“Whenever you review your past, you are creating into the future. Therefore it is wise to erase and edit your personal history. Creating the future is to release the past.” – Charles Koh

Dead people receive more flowers than the living ones because the regret is stronger than gratitude.

How many regrets sound familliar to you?

  1. Saying hurtful words during a heated argument.
  2. Placing too much value on things.
  3. Being too committed to a job.
  4. Focusing so much on the future that you forget to live.
  5. Not showing up when invited.
  6. Discouraging others from following their dreams.
  7. Using the word love when you don’t mean it.
  8. Taking too few pictures of life’s happy moments.
  9. Not listening during the know-it-all phase.
  10. Holding a grudge.
  11. Being too prideful to say “I’m sorry.”
  12. Being too afraid to take a chance.
  13. Accepting others beliefs as your own.
  14. Crying over spilled milk.
  15. Speaking faster than you think.
  16. Overprotecting children.
  17. Neglecting friends for lovers.
  18. Acting based on past hurts and pains.
  19. Gossiping.
  20. Telling lies.
  21. Doing anything that you have to lie about.
  22. Being an enabler.
  23. Tossing out memories of past relationships.
  24. Choosing a job or career for the wrong reasons.
  25. Neglecting your body.
  26. Not speaking up.
  27. Losing sight of the fact that life is supposed to be fun.
  28. Not expressing your feelings to loved ones.
  29. Holding back the tears.
  30. Saying yes when you want to say no.
  31. Borrowing things that you can’t pay back.
  32. Not caring for your elderly parents the same way they cared for you.
  33. Following all the rules.
  34. Sticking to the plan.
  35. Not saying thank you.
  36. Taking for granted those dearest to your heart.
  37. Impulse shopping.
  38. Trying to do it all.
  39. Worrying too much.
  40. Remaining in a relationship for the kids (or for money, security, etc).
  41. Knowingly causing harm to another person (emotionally or physically).
  42. Forgetting to take care of your inner self.
  43. Giving up.
  44. Leaving (jobs, relationships, family) on bad terms.
  45. Teaching children what to think instead of teaching them how to think.
  46. Jumping into a relationship because of everything you like about a person.
  47. Sheltering your heart too much after it has been broken.
  48. Only doing what seems rational.
  49. Betraying a friend.
  50. Making promises that you cannot, or will not, keep.
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