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February 17, 2010

The Sequel

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The most common approach is for the events of the second work to directly follow the events of the first, either picking up dangling plot threads or introducing a new conflict to drive the events of a second story.

Every sequel is the same because:

  • It will contain a story narrative that attempts to either resurrect the badguy you smoked in the first game, or a hackneyed expansion of the “universe” to an otherwise contained story.
  • You get a buddy.
  • You get multiplayer (Hello Uncharted 2 and Bioshock 2!)
  • A peripheral character that died in the first game will miraculously return.
  • If you can’t resurrect the UBER-BAD bad guy from the first game, they’ll create an even BIGGER UBER-BAD bad guy that is threatening the UNIVERSE!
  • The developers will proclaim that the game is part of a trilogy and the sequel is the Empire Strikes Back of the series.
  • If the sequel has been anointed the “Empire Strikes Back” of the series, it will have a shitty “to be continued” ending.
  • You can dual wield.


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Online copywriting

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  • People don’t read they scan, so chunk your data and emphasize
  • Cut your content, repeatedly, cut your content, you can write it in less.
  • Put your conclusion at the top
  • Write in active voice
  • Keep paragraphs short and single themed
  • Put links at the start or end of sentences
  • Don’t make people think: don’t use large words and use ambiguouswords carefully

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