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June 30, 2010

The IT Crowd Game

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A rather cool game may I say.

Download SWF


June 25, 2010

Tell me and I’ll forget, but show me and I’ll remember

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James Chudley has put together an awesome checklist (see also my post about copywriting).

[…] This article pulls together principles from psychology, marketing, UX design and photographic theory

Your Marketing Checklist:

  1. Show Off Product Benefits
  2. Don’t Give Reasons Not to Buy
  3. Create an Immersive Experience
  4. Make ‘em Laugh
  5. Educate and Inform
  6. Tell a Story
  7. Highlight Innovation
  8. Show People How to Do Something
  9. Don’t Mislead Users
  10. Evoke an Emotional Response
  11. Plug Accessories
  12. Show Features and Versatility
  13. Understand Needs
  14. Match the Imagery to the Brand
  15. Sell a Lifestyle
  16. Demonstrate Exciting Features
  17. Make It Beautiful
  18. Avoid Clichéd Stock Shots
  19. Create Desire
  20. Be Stylistically Consistent
  21. Convey the Intangibles
  22. Show Some Personality
  23. Be Subtle Sometimes
  24. Look Professional
  25. Be Consistent
  26. Use Unusual Vantage Points
  27. Shoot From the Best Angles
  28. Show Objects in Their Natural Environment
  29. Convey a Sense of Scale
  30. Image Size Is Important
  31. Show the Product in Use
  32. Show How It Works
  33. Make Choosing Easy
  34. Enhance the Experience
  35. Show Details
  36. Show Me What It Looks Like
  37. Encourage Interaction
  38. Show Me I’m in the Right Place

See also: Good marketing vs bad marketing

June 22, 2010

Rules for Success

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Don Norman speaking at Business Software 2009.
  1. It’s All About the Experience
  2. Design Systems
  3. Everything is a Service
  4. Everything is a Product
  5. Don’t Be Too Logical
  6. Memory is More Important than Actuality
  7. Complexity is Good: Complicated is Bad
  8. Design for the Real World
  9. Design for People
  10. It’s All About the Experience [eg. The Fun]
What is the Maximally Buyable Product (MBP)?
  1. Easy to Understand
  2. Easy to Try
  3. Easy to Buy
  4. Easy to Stay
  5. Easy to Leave

[…] Solo Waits Feel Longer than Group Waits

Do also read “The Psycholodgy of Waiting Lines” article!

[…] Add a fake ending (which is enjoyable!)

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June 19, 2010

Zombies On Isometric Landscape

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[…] Dude…me and my friends have been playing this game for days on end! if a game like this were Online Play or Multi-player…it would be one of the greatest games ever…its just so fun to play!!

Sounds like a game to be [re]made? 🙂 Hear that Chris?

Found via TIGSource.


The engine could be shared with this implementation:

June 6, 2010

Why we need emotions

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[…] We need to deathen ourselves from external extractions and focus on internal emotions.

[…] Start feeling more!

[…] Emotional Functionality – forming the emotional bond between the thing and you is electri-chemical party trick that happens before you even think about it.

June 5, 2010


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Today, on another machine with I was able to test out WebGL. When I have a demo where WebGL was programmed from .NET source code I will make a post about it.

The examples I tested listed below:


I plan to generate the assembly ScriptCoreLib.WebGL  from WebGL spec (<pre class=”idl”>). The assembly could also be named (but I like the shorter name 🙂 as ScriptCoreLib.Ultra.WebGL.Volatile.dll.

To rehash:

  1. Ultra is the new concept where you can have more types defined your assembly than compiled by jsc.
  2. Volatile means the assembly may have online dependancies on resources like images or spec’s like WebGL IDL. (Or SVG?)

PS. WordPress just asked me “How likely would I be recommending it to my friends and family ?”! Who wouldn’t? 🙂


The namespace will probably be ScriptCoreLib.JavaScript.WebGL and the hosting assembly will be ScriptCoreLib.Ultra.Volatile.

June 3, 2010

Make ‘Em Up

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