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October 27, 2010

Face Input

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Have you seen those single input games? One where you just have to press space to jump? One where you have to press space to gain height for your air plane? Where you change the orientation of your phone to see the beer glass being depleted?

What about face input? You can either blink or move your head. You can even ask your girlfriend for a split screen game.

The future input events:

  • this.onkeypress
  • this.onclick
  • this.ontouch
  • this.onvoice
  • this.onface
  • this.oncameratilt
  • this.onacceleration
  • this.onorientation
  • this.onhoverhands
  • this.oneye
  • this.oneyesclosed
  • this.onmusic
  • this.onmind
  • this.ondevicesensor
  • this.ongps
  • this.onmagnet
  • this.onnfc
  • this.ongaze
  • this.ontoeclick
  • this.onnearby
  • this.onfaraway
  • this.onheadnodyes
  • this.onheadshakeno

See: (see also the article)

How many web cameras does your multitouch multiscreen application consume?

Update: See Face Tracking Tetris with Kinect

See also: Emergency and Disaster Service mentioned by Nathan

The Technium referenced some thin interesting named Readers of The Screen:

See also:


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