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January 27, 2011

When Employee Leaves

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[…] If bad employees are leaving, it is good.

If good employees are replacing the bad employees who left, it is good. – Marc

What do you do when that person leaves?

  • Keep your head (and the bridge)
  • Humbly acknowledge the loss
  • Re-highlight a social culture
  • Have someone waiting to step up
  • Give the new person their own space
  • Move on
  • Invite them back when appropriate

Some favorite actions to create engagement by Frank:

  • Acknowledge them.
  • Remember their birthday.
  • Trust them.
  • Create a tradition with them and keep it.
  • Daydream with them.
  • Praise more; criticize less.
  • Give them your undivided attention.
  • Marvel at what they can do.
  • Introduce them to people of excellence.
  • Keep the promises you make.

[…] The first thing to do is to control your emotions. A surprise resignation often inspires feelings of betrayal, anger and fear, and none of those emotions are necessary or productive. – David

[…] When an employee quits, it costs your company: downtime, customer satisfaction, hiring and training someone new. Know how much? Experts say it’s up to a whopping 250% of annual compensation. – Michael

[…] An employee has just resigned. The norm is that the employee tells you verbally that he or she is resigning from your company. Immediately ask the resigning employee for a resignation letter in writing with their final date of employment stated. – Susan

[…] it is time to start building a reputation as a great company to work for – Tabitha

Why do employees leave?

Reason #1 The Job or Workplace Was Not as Expected

Reason #2 The Mismatch Between Job and Person

Reason #3 Too Little Coaching or Feedback

Reason #4 Too Few Growth and Advancement Opportunities

Reason #5 Feeling Devalued and Unrecognized

Reason #6 Stress from Overwork and Work-Life Imbalance

Reason #7 Loss of Trust or Confidence in Senior Leaders

See also: 10 ways to keep the best employees.

[…] Smart employers will make it known that employees are welcome to work out their notice periods, since that ensures that employees will continue to give them that notice. – Alison

See also: What makes employees happy – More fulfilling

[…] Managers have powerful influence over events that facilitate or undermine progress. They can provide meaningful goals, resources, and encouragement, and they can protect their people from irrelevant demands. Or they can fail to do so. – HBR

[…] The ability to build this network using both current and former employees is what sets the great CIOs apart from everyone else

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Loyalty. An employee can ask for a salary payment, performance based pay, having already signed a contract with the client company.


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