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February 25, 2011

Take a picture

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Carrying your camera with you and taking photos of whatever catches your eye, automatically turns any outing into an artist’s date. You give yourself permission to be creative: to be a person who creates

Today I found a thought by Prashanth I wanted to share about how to make a better use of your camera.

  • Take a picture of your white board after a brain storming session
  • Take a picture of a flower in a garden and send it to your significant other
  • If you visit another town and like the view take a picture to show what your friends are missing for not being with you.
  • Take a picture of what your customer draws
  • If you are in a restaurant you like take a picture of their business card and share it with out friends
  • Take a picture of your customers office and use it in the next presentation
  • While doing user research take a picture of their desk so the rest of your team not part of the visit could get a better sense later
  • Take a picture of your receipts
  • Take a picture of the visiting cards you receive and books.

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