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June 9, 2011


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It is the dim haze of mystery that adds enchantment to pursuit. – Antoine Rivarol
Thanks to Angela I learned today about the book “Enchantment “  which explains when and why enchantment is necessary.
[…] Always return every electronic communication…the same day you receive it
  1. Always be likable
  2. Always be trustworthy
  3. Be Deep, Intelligent, Complete, Empowering and Elegant
  4. Always be answering
  5. Always be linking
  6. Always be monitoring
  7. Always be photographing
  8. Always be commeting
  9. Always be thanking
  10. Always be disclosing
  11. Always be repeating
  12. Always be restraining
  13. Always have consistent fresh content
  14. Always be charming and irresistible
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