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June 20, 2011

Marketing management is now tribal leadership

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[…] Software that’s boring will never turn into a movement

  • Who can I reach?
  • Will they talk about it with their peers?
  • Can I earn and maintain permission to continue the conversation

[…] Grinding out code is not on top of the  hierarchy of value. Creating and inventing interesting solutions is on the top of the hierarchy of value.

  • Once they learn about the utility offered will they pay for it

[..] Free is the most powerful marketing tool ever. If it is free then trial is more likely. If tiral leads to someone  becoming connected to a group  they do not want to become disconnected from they will start paying because that value has been proven.

[…] Implementation can be outsourced. Brilliant design can not.

[…] Be the change you wish to see in the world. – Gandhi
  • Be relational!
  • Be a storyteller!
  • Be a little bit crazy!

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