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July 1, 2011

Write a proposal – What’s your sales message?

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cohesive: strong, unyielding

New business will be won only to the extent that the client believes that
the professional is interested, cares, and is trying to help.

So you have received a request for proposal? Do you know how to write a proposal? Do you know how to present your sales message?

The project proposal is a tool — not a goal. It should be followed as closely as possible, and deviations should occur only when necessary.

A Request for Proposal (RFP) is a formal statement of requirements and technical specifications that constitute a company’s needs for the evaluation, recommendation and bid proposal of systems, services or products from vendors.

[…] If you have the tools you still need wood to build anything.

‎[…] A hammer does not build a house for a carpenter.

In order to ask for comments provide a section by section overview to indicate where you are most uncertain.

  • The proposal as a cohesive document
  • The proposal as a persuasive document
[…] Persuasion – A successful intentional effort at influencing another’s mental state through communication in a circumstance in which the reader has some measure of freedom. – Daniel J. Okeefe
Why would we persuade?
  • To narrate
  • To inform
  • To convince
  • To explore
  • To make decisions
  • To define
  • To establish credibility

All proposals share in common the following basic parts:

  1. The metaphor of a body
  2. The idea of narration
  3. The idea of persuasion, we really are arguing for our idea
  4. The idea of audience
The checklist for effective persuasion:
  • Have the aims of persuasion been identified and addressed?
  • Is the central persuasive statement controlled?
  • Have logical fallacies been avoided?
  • Have the audience’s knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes been considered?
  • Has a formal persuasive system been followed?
[…] Anything only has a value depending on what we compare it to – Rory Sutherland
[…] The first rule of Persuasion Design is that every design is persuasive in some ways. There is no neutral way of designing something. – Arjan Haring 2010
  • In your sales video, talk about the value you will be providing
  • Send customers to buy
  • Invite them –  “See you on the other side”
[…] Don’t tell me about your grass seed, tell me about my lawn

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