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September 3, 2011

Be Indispensable by building relationships and trust

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[…] Relationships are about helping!
[…] Tell me how I can help you!
  1. Attend high quality events – Be invaluable to high quality people at such events
  2. Invest in a community – by investing in communities, you will get access to other players and opportunities
  3. Be a resource bank – become a go-to person for just about any kind of support
  4. Engage thoughtfully – engage with high quality people in a way that they will respond to.
[…] What do you like to do when you are not working?

  1. Connect – Seek to understand
  2. Engage – Seek to know the person
  3. Elaborate – Look for ways to help
  1. Stop thinking about results!
  2. Always think about asking questions to the people you meet
  3. Understand we all are special
Building a relationship is a process of continuous positive experiences over time:
  1. Acquitance – be friendly and above all genuine; it helps if you remember some defining comment 
  2. Connection – both parties realize they are no longer total strangers
  3. Mutuality of Purpose – let each other know how they can help each other;  be a pleasant and polite individual
  4. Relationship – Consistency is the touchstone leading people to feel comfortable around us
  5. Maintenance – nurture, sustain and stay in touch
[…] Everyone makes a living by selling something – Robert Louis Stevenson
[…] What do you need help with?
[…] I only want people around me who can DO  the IMPOSSIBLE – Elizabeth Arden

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