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March 31, 2012

GDC 2012: The Bleeding Edge of Open Web Tech

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  1. Detect and fetch bugs in he wild
  2. Detect and respond to user focus loss
  3. Track as much user data as possible
  4. Choose monetization metric that fits your game
  5. Focus on Consumable and durable goods

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March 19, 2012

You must want to succeed

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[…] When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breath, then you’ll be successful.

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March 17, 2012

Value Cycle – Teach people how to do stuff

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[…] It’s selling to people who are willing to buy from you again and again and again!

The value cycle is about finding out what jobs people are trying to do, creating something to do the job better than they have already, communicating why what we made was so fab, delivering it to them and then making sure they stay happy

  1. Cycle – pure Value – teach new skills
  2. Cycle – pure Promotion –  increase demand

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March 12, 2012

Code must be presented

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[…] Creators need an immediate connection to what they create – Bret

[…] Ideas need an environment when the creator can nurture them…

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March 11, 2012

Rules of Money

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[…] assets put money in your pocket!
[…] you have to have something to sell every single month!
[…] Focus on creating as much value as you can to as many people as you can!
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March 2, 2012

Doom The Rougelike

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