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April 18, 2012

Leadership Charisma

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[…] The extent to which you are perceived to be charismatic is directly proportional to the extent that people either feel or fare better after every interaction with you.

  1. Leadership Charisma by Deiric
  2. The Leadership Charisma Model by Deiric
  3. Live In the Present by Deiric
  4. Visualize Your Success by Deiric
  5. Control Your Mind by Deiric

[…] Business success comes down to people.

See video lecture.

  1. Communicate Effectively
  2. Tailor Your Vision
  3. Be A Beacon of Positivity
  4. Energy and Enthusiasm
  5. Recognize the Greatness in Others
  6. The Charismatic Power of Belief in People

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