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August 25, 2012

Setting Goals

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[…] What you think about is like a sail on your boat.

[…] To attract attractive people you have to become attractive

  • Do not start your day before you have it planned.
  • Do not start your week before you have it planned.
  • Do not start your month before you have it planned.

[…] If you want something valuable you have to fight for it

  • Success is measured through pleasure.
  • The greatest value in life is what you become.
  • Count the cost
  • A tree grows as long as it possibly can
  • Write down the progress down the way
  • Keep trying until you have got it right
  • If you fall of the horse of habits, ambitions or progress get back on
  • You got to reflect to know if you are on the right path
  • Don’t wait. Go after the opportunities.

[…] If it’s raining you can not fix the roof. It is not raining you do not need to fix the roof.

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