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November 13, 2012

DOS Warcraft

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[…] sense of terror: playing against a human opponent instead of a mere computer AI, and more especially, not knowing what he was up to because of the fog of war … adding this element to the RTS genre is a great way to add to the excitement (and fear) level.

  1. The making of Warcraft part 1
  2. The making of Warcraft part 2
  3. The making of Warcraft part 3

[…] During the early phase of development, units were conjured into existence using “cheat” commands typed into the console because there was no other user-interface mechanism to build them.

[…] On my computer my Elvish archer would see your Orcish peon and attack, whereas on your computer the peon would fail to notice the attack and wander off to harvest lumber.

[…] The screen went dark, then a preliminary base appeared—a town hall and a few Peons, worker units that the player used to harvest resources and construct buildings.

Is an RTS not a game of chess? There was one other animated DOS chess game. What was the name of it?

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