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February 3, 2013

Pattern Recall – Gamification

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– End of Thread Three. End of Pattern. Acknowledge.

A… Acknowledge. End of pattern.

– Stand by to initiate pattern recall.

Go for pattern recall.

The media stream above was compiled to stimulate your creativity. This post serves as an outline of the different gamification related topics to be discussed in more detail during the upcoming months.

  • WebGL
    In this chapter we will teach you the basics of WebGL and GLSL programming. Already today, WebGL is supported on Chrome for Windows, Chrome OS and Android. We will also introduce you to the most popular physics and rendering libraries while analysing and reviewing some of the most interesting WebGL examples available online. There will be a huge market for WebGL developers and we will help you to be part of it.
  • CSS 3D
    In this chapter we shall start teaching you the the basics – the affine matrix transformation. From the previous chapter you will already know about GLSL shaders which will prove also to be useful in CSS context used as filters.
  • Flash Stage3D
    In this chapter we will explore the possibilities exposed for Flash Player and AIR for Mobiles. We will focus on GPU and have a look at the most popular rendering and physics libraries.


But WAIT there is MORE!

It’s not only the technology that will get you there. You also need to learn about gamification.


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