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April 16, 2013

Google Glass API

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On January 15, 2015, Google announced that it would stop producing Google Glass.

Google has released documentation to the Mirror APIs, the API to program against Google Glass.

The second guide was slightly more technical, so when he returned a little later I asked him about the Debug Mode option. The reaction was interesting: he kind of looked at me, somewhat confused, and asked “wait, what version of the software does it report in Settings”? When I told him “XE4” he clarified “XE4, not XE3”, which I verified. He had thought this feature had been removed from the production units.

… the Debug Mode option is the equivalent of the typical Android “Enable USB Debugging” option: it allows you to connect to the device over USB via adb.

… It knows all your passwords, for example, as it can watch you type them. It even manages to monitor your usage of otherwise safe, old-fashioned technology: it watches you enter door codes, it takes pictures of your keys, and it records what you write using a pen and paper. Nothing is safe once your Glass has been hacked.

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