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April 25, 2013

Meds Yeghern

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Outside of Turkey, what is happening to the Christians of today from one end of the Muslim world to the other is a reflection of what happened to the Armenian Christians of yesterday.   We can learn about the past by looking at the present.  From Indonesia in the east to Morocco in the west, from Central Asia in the north, to sub-Sahara Africa—that is, throughout the entire Islamic world—Muslims are, to varying degrees, persecuting, killing, raping, enslaving, torturing and dislocating Christians.


  1. The global debt collapse arrives
  2. Obama administration attempts to gut the Second Amendment
  3. Martial Law declared across America
  4. Extreme shortages of guns, ammo, magazines as their barter value skyrockets
  5. Tactical weapon strikes target Iran
  6. Massive false flag attack carried out in USA and blamed on patriots
  7. DHS arms the TSA and begins insane abuses of Americans on roadway checkpoints
  8. The rise of the Resistance: Secret resistance groups begin to form across America
  9. Attacks on the First Amendment accelerate as government seizes websites
  10. The rise of violent rhetoric among the population as disagreements turn to threats
  11. Global government makes its move
  12. Accelerated mainstream media attacks on patriots, preppers and veterans
  13. Disagreement with the government characterized a “mental disorder”
  14. Continued rise in unemployment, food stamps, welfare as Obama accelerates deliberate destruction of U.S. economy
  15. Criminalization of preparedness activities as government outlaws ammo storage of private citizens
  16. Riots in the streets, followed by Martial Law
  17. Deliberate food shortages used as a weapon of government control
  18. Weather becomes even more radicalized, with droughts, floods, freezes
  19. Solar weather gets nasty: Solar flares threaten communications
  20. You will be told the answer to all our problems is “MORE government!”

People of America, you have been duped, mislead, abused, and the worst is still to come.

The power of a few will destroy the masses of millions-and in that statement lies the only hope you may have. Gather together, spread the truth, do what is absolutely necessary to stop this holocaust, you have nothing left to lose. Literally.

So much talk on the internet over Obama’s impeachment. Yet, the House of Reps and Congress are not moving forward with any of the charges…Shouldn’t that tell the people that the House and Congress are not on the people’s side? And how in the heck was he re-elected if so many people think he should be impeached? Mind boggling! Not even the U.S. Supreme Court will do anything about what is going on…I believe the people are without a government now. What we do have is an illusion!

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