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April 28, 2013

Nom De Guerre

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… when you assume the appearance of power, people soon give it to you – Rotschild

a military flag is a flag that resembles the regular flag of the United States, except that it has a YELLOW FRINGE border on three sides. 

The judges are appointed because the courts are military courts and civilians do not “elect” military officers.

Under martial law, you are presumed guilty until proven innocent.

In March 1933, President Roosevelt invoked Emergency War Powers under Public Law 1,suspending the constitution and effectively implementing Executive Branch control of the entire country. Since the Constitution is a limitation on the federal government, all such limitations have been suspended for over 68 years, we have been operating under limited martial law for that entire period .

This United States does NOT include the 50 states, except for lands which were specifically ceded to the United States for purposes such as setting up military bases, federal buildings, etc. The 50 sovereign states DO NOT belong to the United States. This “other” United States is a corporate entity with the deceptive “trade names” of “The United States” and the “U.S.”

The United States Government is a Foreign Corporation with Respect to the 50 states. The most significant Foreign Corporation, created under the United States’ powers of territorial legislation, is a Corporation, foreign to the 50 states, named “The United States Government“!

The Citizens of the 50 states have no more duty to obey the National “United States Government” and legislation created for citizens subject to its jurisdiction than they have for obeying the laws of the African Government!

the current Senate is also under the direct authority of the Executive Office of the President. The President legally needs neither the consent nor a vote from the Senate simply because the Senate’s legal authority to meet exists only by Executive Order. Legally, you are considered a slave or indentured servant to the various Federal, State and local governments via your STATE issued and created Birth Certificate in the name of your full caps person (Capitis Diminutio Maxima).

The only asset the UNITED STATES has, in order to pay their bankruptcy debt since 1933, is the people themselves. But, if the UNITED STATES openly declared this, the people would never allow their labors and future to be collateral to this bankruptcy debt. The “catch 22” is that lawful courts no longer exist. Only legal courts are available to Americans.


On the night of December 23, 1913, the U.S. Congress committed perhaps the greatest act of treason in history. It surrendered the nation’s sovereignty and sold the American people into slavery to a cabal of arch-charlatan bankers who proceeded to plunder, bankrupt, and conquer the nation with a money swindle.


An American cannot use the Constitution to defend himself because he is not a party to it.

The Emergency Banking Relief Act of 9th March 1933, defined the American people as legally, the enemy of the United States Government and the private, international Federal Reserve System became the Government of the United States.

2 VA LAW This is an un-catalogued book in the rare book section that reveals a plan to overthrow the constitutional government by secret agreements engineered by the lawyers. That is one of the reasons why this amendment was ratified by Virginia and the notification was lost in the mail. There is no public record that this book exists.

Those are the very people who will under no circumstances allow the publication of any research which demonstrates that free energy exists and they make sure that no funding will ever be available for any such research.

War is therefore the balancing of the system by killing the true creditors

… They must eventually resort to war to balance the account, because war ultimately is merely the act of destroying the creditor.

… it is possible to predict the most probable combination of created events (shocks) which will bring about a complete control and subjugation of the public through a subversion of the public


Do This: Collapse of currency

To Get This: Destroy the faith of people in each other


Media: Keep the adult public attention away from the real social issues, and captivated by matters of no real importance.

When FEMA is activated, patriots will be rounded up in the dead of night, most likely on a national holiday

… those that are healthy, young or useful in some way would be spared.

… for these German troops after being told by his US Military Commanders that they may not have sufficient forces in their Northern Command to keep an expected American civil-war from occurring during the expected bank failures set to occur in their Nation



How it works is the the earth moves through space. This creates a huge amount of kinetic energy. A space ship will never need an on board energy source. They use the kinetic energy of any given star, or planet to generate the energy needed to open jump into hyperspace.

There is enough energy generated just from the planet revolving and moving through space to power every home, car and plane in the world.

Nuclear power is the end of the world as every plant is cooled by oil generators.

So the end of the story is that the supply of oil is suddenly stopped and within 6 months all the nuclear power plants in the world melt down and the fat lady sings.

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