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April 30, 2013

Organized Bloggers vs psy-op

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  1. clearly define the mission so that it aligns with national objectives
  2. need a PSYOP estimate of the situation
  3. prepare the plan
  4. media selection
  5. product development
  6. pretesting – determines the probable impact of the PSYOP on the target audience
  7. production and dissemination of PSYOP material
  8. implementation
  9. posttesting – evaluates audience responses
  10. feedback

This isn’t the first time music has been used to influence the masses. One just has to look at history. Music is constantly being used to brainwash us, influencing our behaviors and our perception of reality, as well as changing and creating cultures! Remember how hip-hop used to be about spirituality and humanity?


If the programmed subject is told to walk into an armed camp and assassinate an enemy leader, the subject will carry out his program with no regard to his personal welfare, whether he lives or dies, or how he is supposed to escape.

… Even under the ‘truth serum” drugs, the subject cannot reveal the truth because his conscious mind has no access to it.

… Waco was a “Open Eyes” operation.

… Whenever a government covert operative breaks his cover and begins to tell the truth, he/she is either jailed or killed.

… You can always judge the authenticity of serious reporters or investigative journals by paying attention to the things they have said about Project/Operation Monarch.

… Programmed terrorists are used by the NWO governments around the world to cause the citizens to give up their freedom and demand a police state to keep them safe. Once the police state is in place, the lessons learned from experiments like Jonestown can be used to program and re-educate the population in concentration camps

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