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May 8, 2013


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[…] When you get a chip in your head or hand. That will be your last set of papers.


Florida is “Constitution-Free”

Davidians were deemed some sort of threat to National Security, and frankly to President Clinton’s re-election!

… some of the politicians decided to “blame” gun owners in the state and banned so called “Assault Weapons”, instead of acknowledging the failure of the State mental Health system

What if all sane civilians, excluding the goverment and media, were to exit the states?

Arms Control and Disarmament Agency could shut down five states at a time and search homes for undeclared firearms, until the whole nation had been purged of its defense to resist a global government takeover.

Getting a dejavu, a previous vision for the future, might mean that a set of events are now set and are going to happen.

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