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May 11, 2013

Carl Munck and Builders Of The Code

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Any clear presentation of Carl’s findings leaves no doubt about the fact that he has discovered something awesome, real, provable, with unbelievable implications for everything else. If you start looking into the reasons just why this is not taught everywhere on the planet, then you run into the fact that suppression, falsification and purposeful ignorance exists just about everywhere you care to look.


How would you cut the underside of this colossus, the one which is still bedrock? Please write to the Egyptian Tourism Minister, he would love to publish your idea. No, you can not lift if up and slide it down the stairs.

The solid stone obelisks of Egypt, some still half-cut in their quarry. Today, they can not stand up much smaller ones on end with cranes. You know, they are supposed to be standing, pointing upwards. Delivery of the obelisk to its location was only part of the deal, standing it up was essential to get paid.

… hyperdimensional physics which seem to enable the cancellation of gravity under certain circumstances.

The evidence for the shifted equator and poles is derived from magnetite, small molten particles from volcanos which solidify while maintaining their tiny magnetic compasses. In his findings, Carl Munck explains how some of the oldest cyclopean stone structures, like the giant jigsaw walls of Sacsayhuaman in Peru, align or point to the ancient magnetic North Pole at Akpatok Island, Alaska. Not the current pole.

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