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May 14, 2013

What is in your heart?

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Do you think in words or images? Do you visualize events before they happen? Did the ancients do just that, think visually, in images ?


All that is required to bring peace to the world,

… is for you to shine your light. -Ray Kamille

  • Discovery 1: There is a field of energy that connects all of creation
  • Discovery 2: This field plays the role of a container, a bridge, and mirror for the beliefs within us
  • Discovery 3: The field is nonlocal and holographic. Every part of it is connected to every other, and each piece mirrors the whole on a smaller scale
  • Discovery 4: We communicate with the field through the language of emotion.

art - GIF - Earth Day 2013

… The mess in the inside manifests in a mess in the outside

… If it does not feel, it is not real

Everything will be okay in the end. If its not okay, its not the end.

… What we put our attention on will manifest. There is a buffer time in between.


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