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May 19, 2013

The Beginning Of The End Of CIA Google

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… a lot of google people will go to prison, and they do not even know it

front company

A subsidiary or shell company used to shield another company from liability or scrutiny. A front company can be used to protect a parent corporation or brand from negative publicity in the event of a mishap, and may also be used to conceal illegal activities.

Facebook was indirectly funded by the CIA with the goal of learning and storing everything there is to know about you. Why? To monitor and ultimately control.

Up to now, the CIA has been organizing color revolutions using Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and so forth as vehicles. … This is an operation which must be exposed.


[…] I see a future where you own your devices. And those devices work for you. They do not share any information with others.

[…] The question I have is: why the F**K should I share my network of contacts with these commercial entities.

[…] They’ve burned too many bridges at this point, to such a degree that at this point, I assume that if Google was behind it, it’s only a matter of time before they drop support.


[…] What is intuition? The body is always scanning for future events!

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