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June 10, 2013

Alfred Lambremont Webre – Spiritual warfare

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What if without chemtrails one could see just a bit too far, beyond the expected line of sight?

Is HAARP/chemtrails real purpose to block spiritual connection to the source field accessible by your very own pineal gland, the third eye?

[…] The controllers of HAARP are intentionally attempting to block the earth’s population from accessing consciousness waves of unity consciousness through their upper chakra systems by the use of HAARP/chemtrails mind control.

  1. Human attention span has dropped dramatically
  2. People are very forgetful
  3. Short-term memory has been affected
  4. Far too many people are impatient, and have very ‘short fuses’
  5. For many people, thinking and thought processes are very difficult issues to contemplate or even discuss. No one wants to be told that she is not thinking clearly. Even if there are scientific data to support this, it is a concept that goes right to the very heart of who we think we are! It is not you. It is the result of what is being done to all of us! However, it is easier to attack the messenger, than comprehend the enormity of military/government involvement – especially since nothing is reported by mainstream controlled news. It is easier to dismiss valid information, or be on the defensive, rather than take personal responsibility for critical issues that already are detrimentally affecting our lives.

NOTE: The Powerpoint slides are at the end of the video at 1:03.33. You can then scroll slowly through the Powerpoint slides individually once you reach that point.

[…] It is expensive to find and validate world data. What needs to come into existence is some help. Your devices will start helping you. Those devices will measure your environment and alert you if they are not healthy. A device that archives data and notifies you when it is no longer available or has been modified. HOLONET.

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