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June 16, 2013

Choose your own experiences

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[…] Find inspiration within your dreams.

Why is that the concept of consciousness and the importance of understanding it has steadily been growing in my mind?


What if there is a constant discussion between you and your higher self. A discussion you have no knowledge of, yet a very important one. The discussion is about your very own life. What if you choose your own experiences. Do not keep your higher self in the dark of what you really want, with your heart. You are here to experience emotions. Design your experiences. What if dreams are where you get to try things out. While you still cannot bring back the people or things you see in your dreams, know this:  if you like the dream, remember the dream, it will behave as a contract between you and your higher self. Remember the dream and at some point you will find yourself in that situation you saw with the people you saw. It is that simple.

What if the future you see is actually the memory of the experiences you have chosen to experience?

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