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June 17, 2013

Choose your own reality

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[…] If a war was given and nobody came, there could be no war!

8 out of 10 Scientists say the Earth is flat? It’s not really Flat, it’s 2D two dimensional holographic image, a type of simulation with a quantum computer running in the background. Don’t believe it, that’s ok, we have only known for 8 years ourselves. As we learn more about quantum mechanics we find there are truly 2 world, the one we see with it’s current laws of physics and the subatomic world that does not follow any laws we know.

Black holes do not swallow material as we imagine or movies tell us they do, actually all the information is on the event horizon or the exterior of the black hole. Imagine a CD movie of the night sky playing with everything in the background spinning orderly, it’s a time machine of sorts. The CD movie plays Linear and it’s pace we call time, so everything we see in the Universe can be measured by time. In a Hologram their are 3 fundamental forces, Strong Nuclear, Weak nuclear and electromagnetic, gravity is separated an exists in a lower dimension outside of our own.

Each of us is an individual within the Hologram and is recognized as a individual by the Controller Computer. Every time you observe something a Quantum Computer recognizes you are observing an allows you to see material you viewed but when you look away it knows it and changes the unobserved matter into a Wave.
The Hologram also has a auto correct program running at the Subatomic level an example of this is in what scientists call Phantom Particles. Phantoms Particles Pop into existence within atoms then annihilating in a burst of energy keeping Atoms charged and are the only perpetual motion machine in the Universe.
The world is round in our minds but in reality it’s flat and 2D two dimensional like all other matter in the Universe. Our fist thought as Humans is who is controlling or who created this Hologram we live in and what does it mean. First, our creator gave humanity an existence where everything we do is a result of Thermodynamics and Chemical interactions with Humans. Second, Humans were not created out of Chaos as University Professors profess, Actually the entire Universe was created for us, if we don’t dream of being a Base Ball player we won’t ever be one. The Quantum computer knows your every dream and desire it even know how you will answer a question in advance. We live in a wonderful world where dreams can really come true.


Are you and your loved ones knowledgeable enough of the greatest threat in the near future? Is your mind powerful enough to understand and remove the threat? There is an evil force at play.

This is not the future I want or choose. I would be more happier in living in harmony with the nature. Any device I will have will serve me, my loved ones and the nature.

What if you were to choose your own reality. What if your fears were the reason of any unwanted events in your life. What if there is a reality designer monitoring you in order to understand what would you fear the most only to manifest that fear in your reality. What if it is you?

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