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June 27, 2013

the game for your life

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They say it takes 28 years to really become self aware.


By that time one has been introduced to the strict military command, technical research in vast detail and the far side of our little blue planet and your own internal desire engine. At some point you will realize you want to know more. You will find a way to expand your consciousness.

In turn your view of human history and the expectations of the short term future will change. They will change to the point everything needs to be reevaluated. You may find yourself in a blue pill – red pill moment. How many of these have you had? This is not like a dejavu moment yet something alike. You will realize the great duality of the life around you and the life within you. Understand that there is no safety. Every day you wake up to a new reality, a reality you subconscious have chosen.

Remember as in a nightmare, it is your own fear that controls you and your reality. Our current incarnation here on our blue planet is artificially limited in time. Our DNA replication mechanism will fault. We call it aging. There will be a time when we will fix this. We cannot get there by creating the artificial entity. The world we are in now is heading into tyranny.

The company you work for. Think the CEO is human?

The government  rewriting the laws and history for where you live. Think they are human?

Remember, you have something evil does not. Your soul.

Visualize yourself in a massive multi player game. Understand that you play all the characters in that game one at the time. Right now, dear reader, you have chosen to read this at this very moment. In your next cycle you may switch to any other person.

Understand that to log out you only have to sleep. Some call it astral travel. They say you can learn to do that consciously. In your dreams, you will see people. These are to guide you to your future experiences, if you so choose. Intent. Communicate with your subconscious, your higher self. Raise your consciousness.

Do you think in words? Do you think in images? Have you noticed people and things you no longer feel a connection with start to fade and disappear from your life? Also, have you noticed that new people and new things enter your life as you make room for them and have a clear intent for them.

Plan out the experiences you still want to have. Understand that time works against you and you will be disconnected from the game you are in – the game of your life. Yet until you are still able to wake up to this reality you still have your free will. Until you do not.

Remember the regrets you will face on your last day in this realm. Understand that what ever you choose in your life it will manifest. Understand that at any moment your world may cease to exist due to one of your fears. Just like in a dream, conquer your fear and erase it. Watch the world grow into something you would enjoy.

Make friends all around the world. They say your inner circle at any point in time is 5 people. They say between you and any other person in this world  there are only 6 people.

Find people you enjoy. Connect. Emotionally.


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