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September 1, 2013

Bruce Lipton – Emotion is like a speed control for learning

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.. Understand that while you have communicated your clear intent of the experience you want to live it will take some time to manifest. Yet once it does, will you remember it was you who ordered it. Will you know how to recognize. Will you know how to act. Will you know that the situation was created for you and it is up to you to now enjoy this new situation. Remember why are you here. Remember you are in control of your life. What if you had chosen to come here to figure out your desires, then manifest them and then actually live them. Time is short. Four years will feel like four days. Choose your own experiences. Try this. Think of something. Then observe that idea to manifest in your reality piece by piece. It will feel like a deja vu. Things will just start to appear in time. Things will start to coincide. Just as we discussed subconscious callback, this works the very same way with the difference that the answer does not just come to you, but comes to you as a new opportunity for you to experience. The manifestation callback.

… Ever noticed the things you are about to create, are about to figure out, will start appear around you for you around the world. Other people are also sensing your ideas, the are already working your ideas. Together, as one, the idea manifests. The Synchronicity effect.

… The words you will start to hear repeat will make more and more sense to you. Notice that to move forward to your goals you first have to be able to see, visualize yourself as if you already had achieved it. Once you can do that, it is done. When was the last time you felt shivers down your spine? Know that this too, is a signal, a feedback for you. It means you are going in the right direction. It means you are on to something. It means you are getting closer to what you want.



As you change your mind, as you change your belief you change your biology.

… The honeymoon ends for a very simple reason – The honeymoon was created on two conscious minds engaging with each other and being self reflected of themselves so they were monitoring their life and relationship and doing it according to their  wishes and desires. The honeymoon ends when the subconscious mind, which was kept out of the picture, shows up.

… Why does the honeymoon end? It started with two conscious minds, and it ends when there are four minds involved. Two conscious minds and two uninvited guests, called the subconscious minds.

… The subconscious is more like a tape recorder.

… It learns by emotion.

… Through emotion you can figure things out. Your emotions connect you to our spiritual body.

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