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October 4, 2013

Staged Fear Event – Suicide by cop

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1) a distraced mother with a baby in the backseat took a wrong turn driving in DC
2) accidentally ran into some low-visibility short-height pole barriers
(see this view on google streetview [])
3) was confronted by plain-clothes police brandishing firearms
4) was scared shitless for herself and her baby and took off
5) was chased for a while until she got out of the car
6) was shot dead

… whos to say they didnt take control of her vehicle and run it into the barricade then peel out at high speed knowing the superiors gave the shoot to kill order.

… police got overexcited and gunned down an unarmed woman

Make a drill. Turn it into a real event. Make the public feel fear.

Basically what the world now has, is a nation whose fear level is off the chart.

the barrier appears across the whole street AFTER the cops hits the center of the road ..
LIKE MAGIC… a new barrier appears… this time across the whole road

A force officer, terminating an unarmed civilian will be subject to life without pay.

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