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November 27, 2013

Magnetic Idea Callback

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First step in manifestation is to have the desire for something anew. Then you will start to receive flashes of ideas. You can see the corners. You cannot see the whole idea, yet. You are pulling it. You are manifesting. You nail the corners and thus mark the shape and outline of the idea.


Do you ever close your eyes to prevent the idea from fading away, to focus on the idea? Do you ever visualize the change you want as if it already was? Can you keep that feeling, can you keep that intent, however long it will take to get there? Some ideas will be more expensive to manifest. Every morning you awake just to resume the intents and ideas. You get in the flow, in the zone.

If the subconsciousness finds a match on one of your earlier ideas, it will let you know. It will basically ask you, what about these two ideas in this new specific configuration. You then have the option to notice this new configuration and take action. In a way you are seeing a potential future with the steps to be taken to get there. The only question is is this the right question. Is this really what you want? You will find yourself in a room with people who can help you. Talk to them.

At times you will be introduced to new words. Learn them. For some reason you will be extremely motivated to learn about it.

Open your selves to the new ideas that come to your consciousness. Write down those ideas immediately. Sometimes more information will come to you as you review your notes. Begin to watch the synchronicties as they appear in your every day life as guides come to aid you to bring the ideas into manifestation.

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