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January 19, 2014

How much should you care?

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It has come to this. Apathy. The most effective weapon.


Lets assume you have gained enough experience and knowledge to know whats going on in the world. You have advanced knowledge how the technology around people works. You realize what are the next steps. You realize the old generation no longer cares or actually is capable to understand the implications or has the will or energy to actually deal with the threats. No security nor comfort. You realize the new generation is coming, but is not here yet. You have a home. You have a home tax collector. You have people working for the tax authority, collecting tax from your effort and labor, the modern slavery tax, and are completely oblivious to the fact they are the wrong side of the fence. The gates are closing down. Soon. If you look around, and realize what people are doing with their lives. Most of them do not try to create something new, something to the benefit of better life quality. You see people in a rat race. Struggling for the next paycheck. Not thinking what they are doing. Not doing enough. Only thinking whats in it for them. You have to cry with the wolves they say. In a way people are building their own prison. Only doing anything if it is a gain.

If you could, would you? Would you protect them? Would you protect the guy that hit your car? Why? Would you help them?

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