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March 30, 2014

The Quantum Electric Generator system

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QEG is a Scam

QEGTallinn skype:?chat&blob=99y_1ADKxkQboo_xEIUHsz-TiRCaAr2y2PTFxiBDv1zLw_9EthDfYxzJjIILcL0X4EsWCk34tAHqd_mJ9EKOFfQEFN3GKV_y

[9:20:38 AM] ladydragon1313:

Remember that its is consiousness, and on this planet human consiousness, that creates every physical particle of Matter that we observe. From the smallest partical to the larges mass. All physical matter is created from the unqualified quantum field that permeates ALL space. There are many names given to this sea of un seen energy. but all these names are talking about the same field of unqualified energy.
Every time that scientist go looking for a new partical they eventually find it. Why because collectively they created it.

We are all energy, and our thoughts and intentions are energy that make things manifest into reality. The QEG resonates at a frequency in order to generate power. The process of building the QEG and accessing this non conventional power source is a combination of mechanics and consciousness. You can build it, and turn it on, but once you get to the tuning and the quantum part, you need to put your intentions and your consciousness into it. The QEG seems to have a consciousness of her own as the power comes from the energy around us. If you align your consciousness with her, then you will have a much better result.

To get to the right place, click on the ‘start a new chat’ icon (picture of a group of people). You then cut and paste the link posted above into the ‘send a message’ field of the new chat window. It will then show up on the chat screen as a clickable link. Click it and you will be brought to the QEG chat.


We are still in the process of building, but this is one of the most important parts of the QEG, generating Raw Power from the core. Starting from the beginning, Taiwan was able to replicate in 4 days what it took us 5 months to do.

Answer session in Skype with the QEG team, currently in

What would you do if you would not need to go to work?

expand your senses to enable you to receive information from the quantum field of consciousness

… with increased knowledge you will discover many applications for this technology.

The QEG is not a complicated device, as it is designed (like Tesla’s other ‘discoveries’), to work in harmony with
natural laws, rather than with the power-wasting symmetric motor and generator designs used in today’s
mainstream industry.

Conventional alternators (AC generators) consume more input power than the
output power they provide.

Once the machine builds up to the resonant frequency, it powers itself

While the electric companies have told the people theirs is the only way to get electricity, and we are dependent on them, the truth is that we have been deprived of this alternative (quantum) energy source for close to 130 years.




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