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April 11, 2014

Computer Generated Persons

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replay attack. Disinformation campaing. News seeding. Predictive programming. Distraction. Shock attack. As the people are unaware of the sequence of any current events, by reposting news they are pressuring on the sense of urgency. What if I told you about the ability to intercept every phone call, every digital data transfer you and the ones close to you do. What if I told you about the ability to go back in time and rewrite news items to change your perception over a long time period. Ready to see history to be rewritten? Holonet. Honeypot.


Are you ready to chat with computer generated persons? Mr. Snowden? YouTube does host such channels. You are watching what skynet wants you to be watching. How is your mind firewall coming along? Most people are not ready to handle the upcoming psyop.

Do you trust your YouTube history?


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