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June 20, 2014

You can wonder on the inner net

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Humans cannot alter their DNA, in the main, and have only begun to think about this possibility.



… it is wondering that sets out the tough forms, the idea after a while it starts coming to you


… how long can you hold an idea?

images create ideas. it is up to you to take action, before you forget and cannot access the though much longer, at least directly.

can you build your idea?

… there is a part of you in every single one of you that knows months in advance whats coming. you will get premonitions, feelings. they are going to get stronger.

DNA contains something superior because it was created by a programmer not of this planet

… all of us have a different kind of genome inserted into our bodies


… remember that although the earth looks the same to us, time is actually running faster

… it is important to realize that genes have consciousness

… all of us carry genes that have initiative and resourcefulness


… through emotion you can figure things out

… your emotions connect you to your emotional body

… ever since I needed more knowledge it was like a hunger.

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