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June 23, 2014

David-Wynn Miller

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judge: a public officer appointed to decide cases in a law court.

  • Oral contracts cannot be seen or proven. Not true. We can record, display and replay.

Everyone is exactly where they are supposed to be.

Who controls the money, controls the world. Always follow the gold.


Grow your mind.

For perpetual motor, match the 44000hz electromagnetic pulse from the sun with your magnetic engine.

claim: 5 days in in a sweat tent cures 99% of all cancer?

no cancer can reproduce under fever.

While looking at referenced satellite images you might realize you are actually looking at the color white. Feels like the Truman Show, does it not?

What if your subconscious was trying to guide you, by communication to you by the way of unique opportunities, situations and images. By the means of free will you would be bound to recognize it and act upon it.



This guy does make some significant or outrageousclaims. He has good insights and ideas. Those claims need to be verified and they need to check out.  The currency of trust and credibility is hard to be earned. The internet has signs of discredit, including character assassination. The disinformation sites need automatic profiling to be  automatically discarded.

David is a CIA psyops operative? How would you know?

Why would a contract, a piece of paper with a signature or even an oath, a promise as concepts overrule the intent?

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