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July 18, 2014


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Dutch authorities confirmed today that Ukraine destroyed MH17.

Ukraine a terrorist state?

Update [July 2014]: The joint US-NATO MH-17 false flag operation, was designed to demonize Russia and draw support to the pro-US, Neo-Nazi, government of Ukraine.

9M MRD HAS ONLY 282 SEATS, ALL MALAYSIA AIRLINES 777-200 ER aircraft have only 282 seats, a special configuration only Malaysia airlines has. MAS17 playback

Someone with billion dollar funding bought all seats on the flight to suit the records, fake identities and accompanying passports were provided, the plane was swapped, the flight was listed as canceled, and flight 370 took off and was used for the shoot down. It was flown 200 KM off course to get to the correct region for shoot down. Afterward route MH17 continued perfectly on schedule as if no crash happened at all. That is because route MH17 lost no planes and could just resume as normal. Flight 370 was canceled for weeks because it genuinely vanished, yet again confirming MH17 lost no aircraft at all. And all people on flight 370 were killed well in advance of this false flag shoot down to make good and sure NO ONE would survive the crash to talk about what happened at Diego Garcia. … The mainstream media is hiccuping and backtracking and tripping all over itself trying to plug holes in their story and praying for short memories and impressionable attention deficit minds, please watch the puppet on the left while the “magic” is done elsewhere and OH GOD may they forget all the lies we spun and just hop right back into tomorrows script without thought or memory AT ALL. The only way to ditch flight 370 would be to do so in a war zone in a totally controlled puppet state where you could blame circumstances for the inability to conduct a proper investigation. I guess you could also ditch it at sea, but there are satellites, RUSSIAN SATELLITES that could nail you doing it.

  …  Live flesh shows injury easily because of the way living cells respond to injury. If the bodies were dead for days and possibly loaded onto the plane well chilled it would explain a lot about their relatively undamaged appearance in the wreckage. … Usually the first air disasters coverage is reporting on familiar’s reactions. … The shot down plane was the disposal of flight 370, being reported as MH17 to cover it up thus leaving MH17 in a position to return to normal immediately. Dead men tell no tales? … MH17 never took off on July 17, and therefore a different plane had to have been used. 

  … Radar records were immediately confiscated after it became clear a passenger jet was shot down.

… The kikes needs the media and the goyim to focus on big bad Russia so they can holocaust the Palestinians. Either chemical weapons or something like shooting down a passenger plane.

290 dead innocent people. What a useless war, where patriotism is bought with money What your attention span? Can you track multiple situations over a long period of time? Hows your memory recently? Ever been to a magic show? The majority of any illusion is setup and misdirection. Are you ready for artificial news? Sometimes it feels like slow news. As if the machine had to recalculate what news to generate while keeping everything on pause until then…

>> Sure sign of a false flag: steering the social media conversation often and early with the first supposed intelligence agency reports. … No in-air explosion before ground explosion?   >> You want to know why the plane “lost contact?” Because an American AWACS system jammed its communications so there was no evidence when it was shot down by Ukraine to provide a pretext to go to war with Russia.

Recorded flight path:… [] unconfirmed, scripted transcript:

  • “Major”: The plane fell apart in the air. In the area of Petropavlovskaya mine. The first “200” (code word for dead person). We have found the first “200”. A Civilian.
  • “Greek”: Well, what do you have there?
  • “Major”: In short, it was 100 percent a passenger (civilian) aircraft.

… escorted by 2 Ukrainian fighter jets until just before the “disappearance.” The air traffic control tower was then taken over by foreign (?NATO RAPID TRIDIENT) personnel.

Malaysia airlines MH17 777 flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpoor shot

remember that Flight 370 clone in Tel Aviv? and do not forget about the777 that was stopped by the Dutch from crashing the nuclear summit right after flight 370 vanished

possibly fake, unconfirmed: … Should it disappear, this is what it looks like   Take a look at THIS REPORT(read more than just the headline) and THINK. Supposedly the photo, which clearly shows 9M-MRC as being the plane boarded, a plane claimed to be flight MH17 was supposedly uploaded to Facebook at the airport immediately before the “victim” got on the plane. Too bad 9M-MRC was 8,000 miles away, which required an awful long walk and swim to the gate.   @Delta statement: ‘Out of an abundance of caution, Delta is not routing flights through Ukrainian airspace’ As a precautionary measure KLM avoids flying over the concerned territory. Airlines no longer flying over Ukraine:

  • Air France
  • Lufthansa
  • Auroflot
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Transaero
  • Delta Airlines


George Beerwood 31.05.2014 11:44

Russia should turn off ALL the gas to Europe. and then ask the Astronauts at the ISS to let the American do a space walk and then lock the door and tell him to hitchhike home.

Malaysia Flight MH17 was intentionally flown into Hostile Air Space! See also:


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