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January 21, 2015

CHF Currency Wars

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the stage has been set, in America and the European countries, for a Cypress-style “bail-in” where the banks take money out of depositors’ accounts.

Over Christmas, the Obama Administration quietly passed a law that will allow the banks to take money out of everyone’s accounts to bail themselves out.

This will have the effect of rapidly debasing the purchasing power of the euro and it will also lead to even more chaos in Europe.  It is of paramount importance that investors protect themselves against this coming wealth destruction.

the amount of euros necessary to purchase (and thus the amount of francs created) will go exponential this coming week when the ECB goes full on QE (printing).

The franc has a stellar track record of being a hard currency, and a key lead indicator for the price of gold.


If the Germans decide that they have had enough, the Euro is finished. The totality of recent events could very well be indicating that the moment is at hand.

The world is running out of safe havens for money, although the U.S. dollar is likely to rise even further as doubts about the Yen, Euro, Ruble and the Yuan emerge.

For the physical metals in particular, the door of opportunity to acquire gold and silver might abruptly close.

inflation is picking up rapidly in many parts of the world and social unrest is unfolding.


Europe now being in danger of mega-bank runs


Then the Swiss made the stunning announcement and the currency moved 43 percent in half an hour.

The illusion of central bank power has been shattered.    we will see panic in the markets over the next two to four weeks….


the nice thing about owning precious metals is that you can sleep well at night while everyone else will be pulling their hair out as the ultimate derivates nightmare unfolds.

In coming years, we’ll see a panic to own physical gold. 


Store gold outside of banking system.

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