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April 8, 2015


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Review from 2015.08.12

  • It hurts the nose
  • Field of view with Galaxy S6 is beyond the edge of the screen, which results looking at the frame of the device.
  • Can see lense details on top of content which is distracting
  • Cardboard app does not implement S6 CPU, GPU and screen overclocking.
  • The gyroscope sensor from GearVR is what makes the experience
  • In the end, I like my GearVR, did not get 150FOV out of the box as hoped for.

The big break through for me with Wearality is the high quality experience without all of the usual HMD setup friction. I have been using Oculus for over a year but constantly find myself fiddling with the cables and the motion tracking and even occasionally have to check drivers when using on a new machine. With Wearality I get a high quality experience that I can share with people on planes, in restaurants or anywhere

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