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July 23, 2015

Axioms of Barriers

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Nothing to see here.

1946 they knew the earth is flat

Why now within the last decade or so are they doing this is my question? I grew up under the blanket of a once beautiful sky that was vivid blue, with cumulus clouds, and a bright yellow orange sun. Now the sky is light blue with smeared white chemtrails and a huge blinding white sun. When I look at the sky now it gives me the willies  because it is an alien sky. We are lucky to have 5 days straight with what I will call normal weather. During the Spring and Summer when growing up I could lay out  in the sun all day at the pool, beach, or park because the sky was so clear and there was not constant rain or extreme temperature changes. You could plan outdoor activities and not be rained out at the drop of a hat. I have even noticed that the scumbags are smearing the sky white in older movies and now putting chemtrails in new movies, cartoons, tel-lie-vision commercials, and magazines advertisement and articles. These criminally insane are doing this to brainwash the masses that this is normal. I now walk as a stranger in my own land among so many that have not a clue to the overall ugliness of what is just above their own head. I have noticed that I am more heat sensitive and get hot quicker because the damn sun is so hot, blinding, and it is very humid most of the time. We only have two seasons now Summer and Winter. I have thought that maybe there was always two suns and the sun we are now seeing is the second sun. I have even thought the flat Earth plain is much larger with more land an the first sun of earlier years is now out of our line of sight on the other side of the flat Earth Plain. Maybe, there is a connection here to why the worship of the sun in the Vatican, in other religions, and ancients cultures is so revered. Either we have Jesuits guarding the Antarctica edge of the flat Earth dome or more land. Either way the Antarctica Treaty of 1959, and NASA 1958 race to outer space started shortly after Admiral Bryd a freemason, last exploration of Antarctica region. So whatever it is that they are hiding from the public it was deemed big enough to create the Big Bang Theory, other galaxies, terra firma round planets, ever expanding universe, ISS, moon missions, and all the other space fairy tales. I due believe the sky now is one gigantic LCD screen and they may be preparing the way for Project Blue Beam, fake alien invasion, and other holographic sky shows on the masses. I also feel that they are using chemtrails, HARRP, and other technologies for just plain weather manipulation and warfare. And also wanting to make people, animals, and the whole Earth poisoned with the agenda to depopulate as well as block out as much sunlight which is essential to all life forms. I just know one day I woke up and no longer live on Earth but Disneyland instead so Mr.Disney and his cohorts (all theme parks) wont be getting anymore money from me and my family because we live their everyday of our fricken life. Currently the Flat Earth Illuminati card game is being played right now. Thanks to all for letting me vent. All I want to do is get the masses to start USHERING HEAVEN on EARTH because all it takes is collective consciousness. We have to counteract the dark magicians that are now in power. God Bless each and everyone who takes the time to read this……………………….Amor!!!

Have you heard of the moon dials?

Most people will not remember nor care.

Ah. Self censorship. Protecting the meak from themselves.

  1. There is no 180 degree view of the earth from space
  2. You cannot get enough altitude to do the shot
  3. Commerical air travel routes for southern hemisphere is wrong. There are no nonstop legs.

Can you actually fly from Brazil to South Africa, without stopping at Middle East?

Make this world anything I want it to be as long as I concentrated hard enough.

Physically locked into a locality, while the other option is to be locked in temporality.

  • Lost
  • Truman show
  • They Live
  • Matrix
  • Thirdteenth floor
  • Inception
  • Signal
  • Source Code
  • Dark City
  • Lucy
  • Tron
  • Oblivion
  • Island
  • Cube
  • Elysium
  • Shutter Island

Streisand effect. Truman show.  Suspension of disbelief. Memory. Ridicule. Attention span. Apathy. Tainted information. Credibility. Fraud. Deception. Kneejerk reaction. Blind spot. Element of doubt. Parallax. Normalcy bias. Blind spot.

  1. You are being hidden. Southern hemisphere flights are not tracked by gps.
  2. Wealth is being hidden. Ask about energy prospects in Antarctica. Put the sound of money in their ears.
  3. They are hiding god. The firmament.

The first rule of flat club is that you do not talk about flat club.

Why is the fence here? Who built the fence? The fence is the reminder of the unknown.

Images of earth are based on light humans can see, but we do not see everything.

Test the barrier of the surroundings. Every so often repeat the process.

Out of visual range?

Area beyond the south pole?

Layers of negative reinforcement.

No one has gone below 8miles?

Just know you are very close to the truth.

Could Artificial Intelligence cope with mixed belief reality? As quantum concept, all projections, including the globe and flat club, can be valid, as basis of understanding to facilitate shared communication space with persons.

Quantum duality conflict resolution. Artificial Intelligence shall also be able to bypass a forced conflict resolution, taking into account all possibilities regardless of their perceived popularity.

  • Lens shaped flat land?
  • Con Cave?
  • Flat plane?
  • Sphere?
  • Pear?
  • Torus?
  • TwinSun?
  • BigEarth?
  • Computer Simulated Reality?
  • non above?

What about half sphere?

Van Allen belts, Ionosphere are The Veil, the upper dome barrier?

What causes the sun eclipse?

concluding the Sun and Moon both to be only about 32 miles in diameter and less than a few thousand miles from Earth

earth is no more that about 4500 miles from the sun

Can we have some outomated analysis and monitoring of the streisand situation?

Few years back I have seen documentary about ‘coldest place on Earth’ and it was Russians doing experiments with massive mirrors focusing Moon light into one place. The more Moon light the colder it gets.

Flat club invalidates Kryon

Azimuthal Equdistant Map

Can you see any sattelites from timelapses?

Earth is fixed and does not move. It is the sun that revolves around the Earth.

If the plane stopped in mid-air, wouldnt China come to it?

CIA controls Google Maps, GPS is controlled by the US Military and Earth mapping is controlled by USGS

Ther united nations has been using that map since 1945, it is the only graphic you can pull up in a 747 or a submarine.

YT limits any 120hz video to 1080p60 ?

YT limits 8K 120hz spherical video to 1080p60 ?

Nothing goes above 400miles? Dome?


This is the map to use, if Earth were to be flat, not a globe.

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