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July 28, 2015

ISS GoPro Distortion

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This is actually cool. Can we make it a VR game.

Can we have a lens filter thanks.

Nothing appears to be moving because of the perspective. They are in space so high above Earth that cloud movements are not so noticeable it’s like watching a slug crawl on the sidewalk while you are standing on the Empire State building . Clouds higher up in the atmosphere also don’t move as much as clouds lower to the ground. If you’ve been on an airplane frequently you may have noticed you went through two layers of clouds. No one probably answered because you mentioned chem trails and they just figured you wouldn’t listen anyway like most conspiracy theorists.

is the ISS moving or the earth? can you tell?

Clouds in thunderstorms move at around 30-40 mph, the iss moves at around 17,000mph, it is going way too fast to notice, imagine you are on a freeway, and you are passing a car, that car does not look like its going 60mph to you, as you are passing it, as you are going only slightly faster, if you were going 70mph in comparison to its 60mph, it would look like its going 10mph. Here, the earth appears to be moving towards the camera at near or around 17,000mph, subtract 30-40mph if the clouds are traveling in the same direction as the iss, add 30-40 if it is travelling toward the iss. Now, the earth is moving at 17,000 mph, while the clouds are travelling at 16,960-16,970mph, or 18,030-18,040mph, you are not going to notice jack shit. Also note that i used the speed of a cloud in a thunderstorm, so a normal cloud that you see here, would be moving at much slower speeds, varying in the wind speed.

ffmpeg -i $in -vcodec copy -acodec copy -vf “frei0r=lenscorrection:0.5:0.5:0.$i­:0.$j:1” $out

The Thermosphere

The thermosphere is the fourth layer of the Earth’s atmosphere and is located above the mesosphere. The air is really thin in the thermosphere. A small change in energy can cause a large change in temperature. That’s why the temperature is very sensitive to solar activity. When the sun is active, the thermosphere can heat up to 1,500° C or higher!

yes, those are bubbles at 34:30.



Wheres more video?

note to yte:189 missing


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